Some buffs that I would appreciate

There are 2 reworks being spinoto and kerato I liked them how they were before the raid update image image

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Order is a tad messed up but have a luck

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Missed two

Some of the delays on the new moves you’ve given these creatures affect their viability.

Dracoceratosaurus can no longer cleanse and run away turn 1 after swapping in, which ruins its gimmick and makes it look even worse in comparison with Dracoceratops.

I also think Keratoporcus could do with Lethal Wound, but taking away Group Shattering Impact ruins its raid viability, Group Shattering Rampage being worse because of the delay.

Without Immunity to Deceleration Spinotasuchus is still not very good, and Critical Impact is just a bad move on it.

Grylenken has completely lost all turn-1 damage mitigation, which means it’ll suffer against Fierce creatures, and it won’t do well against Resilients either. Extended Critical Strike is also bad on it.

What’s the idea behind nerfing Thor’s damage and buffing its HP?


In all fairness I don’t hear of kera being used in raids, liked her wild card stats pre 2.0 deceleration, lethal wound,mutual fury, dsr. Immunity to distraction & dot gave her the ability to take on the indos & prorat, in the current situation those stats would worry the sauropod, rixis, tryko users, her armour gave her extra survival.personally I would love to see that return.

It’s used in certain low-level strats for Hadros Lux. Entelomoth has significantly lower damage and worse multipliers, so it can’t always be used as a substitute.

I relied on Keratoporcus to beat Hadros till we could afford a better strat, and I know others have used it too.

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Fair enough @Qaw, I’ve only been party to the tryo,toura,Thor,skoona strat with lux. :blush:

Noticed the crit on Thor?
Spinoto is how it used to be with no escape
Kerato is same as old with group
Suppose I could change the delay to 0 for Draco
And grylenken I suppose I could give it cunning strike instead of fierce and also ecs is because I think it’s a cool move that would kinda suit grylenken

Not alone there

Alright, that makes up for the damage, but what about the health? Giving it 5000 is a massive change, and makes it significantly harder for Cunning creatures to beat it (for example, Monolometrodon can no longer beat it, and Magna only barely does, making overlevelled Thor a much bigger problem in the arena), while not necessarily helping against Resilients.

Exactly, how it used to be is not very good, and No Escape does little to change that. I’m pretty sure almost everyone agrees it needs a buff.

No it is not. Like I said, it lost Group Shattering Impact for Group Shattering Rampage, which has a delay. Group Shattering Strike doesn’t do enough damage.

I like the buff to dsungia, well in all honesty any buff to him would be great , lol

99% ?

Normally 1%

I like the giga and skoona buff but thor ew