Some changes I made for imperto

What? Why? Imperatosuchus is already one of the strongest creatures in the game and is already High Tyrant, why are you suggesting to buff it? This thing would destroy the arena.


So that it can kill rexy easier ,it wouldn’t because mortem says hi

Ah yes, let’s buff an already powerful creature to the absolute extreme to counter literally just one dino that can just be nerfed instead.


Imperto is not that strong in the arena in shores,unless u case set up properly

Imperato is literally a top 4 creature, what are you talking about.


The apex bear,mortem,ref,hydra,so many kill this if he can’t set up with something

Bear can’t kill it
Morty can’t kill it
Refre is Mingames
Hydra idk


The only thing that stand a chance against it is Ref. You basically just made it beat the class it’s supposed to be weak against. Even still it beats most, if not all cunning’s easily, and Ref depending on the circumstances.


Literally every tier list I’ve seen places Imperato at High Tyrant easily. Also Vasilas loses, Hydra loses, Mortem is starting to decline in shores, and loses if Imperato has setup, and the already broken Ref being a counter to a pure fierce isn’t a suprise.


Bear loses
Morty loses
Ref is the only good option here
Hydra gets hyper clapped
Besides Ref (Which is a fellow OP dino anyway), all of them lose.


Idk,evertime I use it it gets clapped by everything other than pure resilient s

Mort wins in boosted

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Rexy, mort and ref beat it. Vasilas and hydra lose

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Well you can’t buy skill I guess :person_shrugging:


Idk,I’m in shores so maybe I’m just using him wrong

Actually,just give it a maximum counter attack

Or just give it nothing, a nerf even, because it’s already one of the top 5 best creatures in the game :person_shrugging:

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I mean, it’s only gonna get powercrept like the rest of them like in what 2 days? Because it’s that good

but imp already beats rexy as is?
NVM forgot stun was a thing and I just got lucky 10x in a row. a max damage rexy does indeed win, still gets hurt real bad though