Some characters (like Skye Oakley) are just not getting match

OK like serious questions what do I need to do to get matched to a character I am interested in. Like I thought I may get matched after few weeks but that’s clearly not the case. So how do I get these characters, help…

The reason you probably can’t match with some of them such as Skye Oakley, is their story has no content as yet, also… you may be already matched to their counterpart.

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What Mel said.

Skye, as far as I am aware, has no counterpart thus far. But she also has no content as yet.

We have discussed this on the forum many times. Many of the new characters have been in the match pool for months but still have no content available for them.

Likewise, most characters have one or more “counterparts”. This a different looking character with identical content. For example, Angel and Emmalyn are counterparts, if you match with one you will not be able to match with the other. But, annoyingly, the counterpart remains in the match pool.