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Some complaints

Ok first of all, I don’t hate the update, ok, Im really enjoying it, now time for me to rant. first of all, deinonychus. The one dinosaur from the update that people really wanted had barely any time put into it, it is literally just a red version of utahraptor. second, we want actual dinosaurs, not eagles and dimetrodon clones. here are some suggestions, charadontosaurids like acro, giga and charcaradontosaurus. COMPY!!!. memeinchosaurus, was in the lost world, add it. last but not least, more ways to play the game. I thought the revenge feature from last update was really cool, maybe something like a deflect? have a 60% chance to deflect the attack on the the opponent.


i like the idea. and yeah they’re starting to stray away from dinosaurs and adding permian creatures

Some valid points

Ludia apparently has this idea that cretures of the same family must all have a specific type of abilities, like medium theropods have counter, stegos will have decel counter, raptors will Pounce… So when they create new moves and mechanics, they feel like they have to make a new “family” of creatures to put them on… No, dudes! You can put new moves in a totally new dinosaur of an already existing family, we don’t care! As long as it’s cool.

Yeah, I feel like the families have always been a “thing” but they can just add new dinos that have some of the same moves. It’s not even that hard to make new families that are unique with dinosaurs. For example, they could add charadontosaurids as cunning creatures with high health - something like that. Or make them something more unique, like Allo gen 2. Or just add them to existing families. My best guess is they’re waiting for the new movie to come out so they can add a bunch of dinos featured in the movie to promote it.