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Some cool update ideas!

I have an update Idea that i hope maby someone will think is good… since JW Alive consists mostly of battles, why not have team battles with friends! You could send an invite to the friend and ask if they want to join forces to defeat a powerfull enemy in, for an axample, a battle incubator. It would also be awsome if there were custom battles! You could choose any dino you would like to face (or any team of dinos) and set their level to the level that you think is sutable. And maby you could invite a team opponent to fight with you!

One last idea… Trading! It would be cool if you could request or traid items with your friends!!! Thats all! Hope you Agree with me on this!!

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I agree with everything but your last idea. The problem is with your last idea that you can make for example a second account where you can send resources to your main account and that would be op, but a fixed trading system would be awesome like in Jurassic World The Game or Clash Royale for example.

Oooh thats true…! Nice thinking!