Some creature change ideas

Added distract resistance so that it can be a viable flock counter

Removed swap in heal so that people can’t keep swapping in pot it and kill with out losing any hp

Gave it impact and run and gave it some stun resistance

Changed distract resistance to 25% so that it’s not too powerful

Gave myself swap prevent resistance because I’m a hit and runner
Hope all these make sense

50% is balanced, it’s technically part cunning.

No it should have it, it’s a flock, it need a way to regroup.

The rest is good.

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You’ve clearly never fought a person with compy g2 and g1 constantly swapping between them getting near infinite hp

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Also indom is hard to fight so even 35% distract resistance would make it faur

I was 3 time, i sweep them with argentinosaurus, one time is megalonyx.

What do you think about me buffing myself does it make sense

Come on it’s a fan favorite. It’s in a movie so powerful is worthy.

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Yes but I’ve also done it but it takes a lot of time

Yeah buteven 35 distract resistance would make it balanced

Yes it is a good buff

Highlight the parts which you changed
just touch the changed move or stat @Rinchenia_warrior

no need i said the changes under them