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Some creatures are getting too much dna

For example i have now 72000 dimorphodon, 25000 gallimimus, 13000 suchotator, 17000 phorusrsacos, 31000 brontotherium, 24000 archaeotherium, 50000 majungasaurus, 3000 blue and baryonx, 1500 stiggymoloch and 4300 concavenator dna. Unless these creatures won’t get new hybrids there is

I don’t think this is a major issue, it can just sit there until u max the limit, or u can just donate some, I don’t think its a problem really, just my opinion


I can’t uprade them because i am apparently working on leveling 6 creatures up to level 20. Besides i won’t be able to get so much coins to level them all up

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You will find the need for coins grows faster than the need for dna as you progress in this game. I’ve been playing almost since launch and have reached the maximum dna limit on many creatures, even epics.


That’s not what I’m saying, when I said maxing them I meant like the dna count on it. Like there’s the icon of the dino and bellow that is the dna count, and I believe there’s a max number limit on it until it says max dna collected or something like that, prob should have been more specific about that.

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Alright. But still can’t do that

you don’t have to do it, I mean, its just something that you can do with dna when you don’t need it sort of, ah nevermind, I just don’t see getting too much dna as an issue

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Ok. But perhaps we get metriaphodon in the near future and other hybrids as well

There’s no such thing as too much DNA.

Unless it’s Draco gen 2 :wink:


I’m on some common rarity dinosaurs where I’m over the 300,000 Mark on their DNA. At some people, maybe newer players, are going to request it and you’ll have it donate.

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Happy cake day!

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Distribution/availability of DNA should be reworked. E.g. 500.000 Gallinimus DNA since months.
Shortly after using/donating her DNA, the maximum is reached again.
In view of the many dinos, getting DNA from the same dinos over and over again really shouldn’t be.

Yeah… get more than I can donate…

if there was a way to get rid of it for something you need when you have too much, that would be great.
Different DNA
a trading hub for stuff like that using creature dna we don’t need would be so helpful.


Yes a selling or trade system would be nice

I think in Jurassic World: The Game you can trade a small amount of a certain dino’s DNA in exchange for… something, once a day? Not sure, anyone got the game to test?

If so, here’s hoping it arrives here soon as well.

it’s a vast trading network. DNA, creatures, HC, coin, food, loyalty points for any of those things in exchange. there’s the random ones per day, then theres ones you can craft yourself once per day (more for VIP)


Custom trades let you trade whatever resource you want (except for S or B DNA) for whatever else you want (except for S or B DNA, and only creature trades yield HC). It’s rather RNG reliant, and the TG forums have a whole thread devoted to it’s wackiness

Regular trades happen randomly, so you just watch for them