Some creatures from jpb and class switchers

The first one is a creature that i think should be a new animation the macrauchenia. This create would form a new rig with prehistoric camels and giraffes

Rarity : tournament
Health : 3200
Damage : 1070

The second would be a personal favorite from the game the platybelodon
Rarity : vip
Health : 4800
Damage : 1360

Like wolly rhino and mylodon became snow although their rig are cave and savannah some snow creatures should be changed to other classes

Savanah :
Columbian mammoth
Rarity (tournament)
Health : 2810
Damage : 904

Cave :
Cave bear
Rarity (tournament
Health : 2400
Damage : 1100

Cave lion
Rarity (tournament)
Health : 2640
Damage : 780