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Some creatures need new status

I"m thinking…Deinocheirus, Acanthostega and Mammoth (have vip stats again…because we need more snow vip creatures). Some examples i’ve remembered…

Tbh trex and velociraptor gen 2 needs a buff every other gen 2 is a tournament why they are not

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They are at the levels they are to keep them in line ferocity wise with the originals.
Otherwise Indom gen 2 and Indo gen 2 would both have to be reworked causing their ferocity to go way up. Which would screw up the ferocity of both of them in comparison to the originals.
And its not like we really need an even more OPed Indoraptor in the game.

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I’m just saying that when the game first came out they were the best and now they’re just being stomped on why make every other gen 2 tournament creatures but not the stars of a lot of Jurassic world and park movies