Some creatures need restats

These stats are quite different but I don’t get why these stats are like this.

Zalmonodon’s tournament creature is mostly a glass cannon but Zalmonodon is focused more on health?
Like compare Metriaphodon’s tournament Dino

Zalmonodon should be more focused on attack.

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Well, Zalmonodon is balanced but tend to have decent attack like pteranodon. Also ferocity and being a glass cannon matters till a certain point within the stats of the hybrid

not sure about new stats but maybe new DNA costs for sure

Well I mostly make this because Zalmonodon should be a glass cannon

I thought this back when it was created.

But then you’ve also got cerazinosaur which is way to op for its components, ceratosaur is a pretty week tourney health tank and therizinosaur is also a health tank. Comparitavely glythronax is made from the same rarities but is a whole lot weaker.

Ptera gen 2 is the strongest tourney Jurassic in the game yet its hybrid pteraquetzal is weaker than gorgosuchus. Gorgo being the weakest tourney carni :thinking:

Maybe they will make buffs for certain hybrids in the future glythronax certainly needs one being very close to priotrodon ferocity.

Matriaphodon dont need that