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Some creatures that need toned down

This new update saved the game and made it a lot more fun to play. The amount of creatures viable in the arena has at least tripled, and raids are a blast to do with your friends and alliance mates. Although there is one minor issue with this patch (only one noticeable problem is great for ludia though!). It’s the few extremely over the top broken creatures. To name a few and what exactly which ways they’re broken: tryko is broken for 2 reasons. It has much better turn 1 damage, a better counter and is essentially the absolute monster of the new patch. It had counters before in 1.14 and before thanks to it being able to be evaded and distracted, but now that it has resilient counter and resilient impact, that means it has high turn 1 damage while also slowing the opponent down AND removing their evasion. And resilient counter is probably the single best counter attack in the whole game, because this counter attack removes evasion and slows the opponent down while doing damage, so it’s possible to swap tryko in on a speedster, slow it with the counter, and on turn 1 kill it with resilient impact which is absolutely nuts. Not to mention the very high bulk, instant invincibility that’s absolutely busted right now, top notch moveset and a good crit chance as the cherry on top Which means counters are whittled down to 1 or two creatures. Maxima. The reason why this one is busted is pretty obvious if you ask me. II makes it invulnerable to a setup from a non-shield shattering creature because of the 2 turns invincibility is up which in turn allows it to completely destroy a creature that tries to come in on it to revenge kill without a shield shattering move, then we have the good attack paired with 2 rampage moves that almost nothing can survive past turn 1 thanks to dual rampages. The ability to shatter shields which a tank shouldn’t be able to do, and the very good crit chance to make it hit even harder, on top of being stupidly bulky at 6000 HP WITH 15% armor which is bonkers. On top of having constant speed control and being able to remove evasion whenever it wants. Tentrex and dioraja are strong too but i don’t think they’re really on par with these two beasts.

EDIT: i know bleed counters both of these guys quite easily but besides thyla there’s no meta relevant bleeders to deal with them


Thylacotator: am I a joke to you? Also ya basically everyone has said this but we have like a month or two to go this they fix it soooo.

If you think the amount of “runnable” creatures has tripled, you need to do your homework, son.

I think a ton of them took a hit this update… more so until the shield bug is fixed.


What shield bug? If you’re referring to Instant Invincibility lasting for 2 turns, that isn’t a bug.

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Marsupial lion. Suchotator can 1 for 1 tryko.

I’m sure about three: Marsupial Lion, Allo G2 and Ardmax (slightly)

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The speedsters need to be reworked, as only 3 are really viable as of now. The chompers are ok, and the tanks are strong. My idea would to be to remove the slowing from resilience, and make it so that it removes distraction and evasion and the speed boosts, but it doesn’t slow a creature down

There is another option, but it isn’t as straightforward as some of the other suggestions.

Basically, keep everything about resilient moves the same, but change the order of the effects. So remove Cloak and Evasion after dealing damage.
That way, the tank is ready to deal a big hit, but it potentially leaves the opponent with enough health to use something like Mutual Fury, Deliberate Prowl, Cleansing Impact or anything to get rid of that Deceleration.

So tanks would have to actively choose between Superiority moves that deal more damage without removing evasion, and resilient moves that deal less damage but give them an opportunity to deal more damage later.

But this would mess with a lot of matchups and I have no idea if it would work.


Instant moves are instant for a reason.
They are used to be key in the right moment, in the right turn.
If they start lasting more… then there is something wrong with this system.


That’s an odd idea. Defensive Stance is perfectly fine with Shields for 2 turns. The speed buff from Sidestep lasting 2 turns is one of the main reasons Quetzorion is useful.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with Priority moves having effects that last multiple turns, there’s just a problem in this one specific situation.

But I do agree that the system seems to be damaging whatever balance was left after all the other nerfs and buffs of 2.0.

Besides, the problem isn’t just with Priority moves. Apparently it affects some non-priority Shielding and Evasion ones too.

You don’t understand the difference between suddenly doing 50% dmg and been INVINCIBLE for two whole turns in the update where you have massively cut down the amount of creatures that can break them?

Because that’s why the 90% of the runners, suddenly, are non-meta.

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I do. But apparently you don’t, since according to you any priority move that has effects lasting for more than 1 turn is broken.

I even agreed that Instant Invincibility as it is is overpowered. What are you even arguing about?

spinotah working with Draco works a lot because the bleed does about 80% of tryko’s health, and then if you swap into Draco, you got yourself a K.O

This may only apply to a boosted arena, but a rare that could possibly take on maxima is purrolyth. You have to correctly find a balance between attack and hp so that it ends up with an attack to hp ratio of 1:3 (with a little more hp). This is because of how regen works and how this can boost hp through the roof when you regen, and the ferocious counters are basically greater rending counters, and this should work on maxima and other tanks like mammolania

The description for instant invincibility says that it “100% shields for two attacks, lasting one turn”. Since it’s lasting two turns, doesn’t that make it a bug? I’ve also seen this extend to long invincibility lasting three turns.

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With defensive buffs the number of turns the move lasted for used to be the number of opponent turns. Now it’s changed to the number of user turns, meaning Instant Invincibility lasts until the user attacks.

This was in the patch notes, but I guess it was easy to miss.

Ah ok, that makes sense. Yeah that’s not as easy to understand even if you did catch it in the patch notes.

I don’t know though. Even if it’s not a bug, it certainly doesn’t feel very good. Especially with instant invincibility. If the instant invincibility user is slower than their opponent, they get two turns of invincibility, but they only get one if they’re faster. I don’t like this discrepancy - these kinds of moves should work the same regardless of speed (at least instant moves should). Even instant charge works the same for all dinos, as long as your opponent didn’t use a faster priority move - you attack first, and if you stun your opponent they lose their turn. But right now slower dinos have an extra turn of invincibility over their faster counterparts - basically instant long invincibility. They’re basically two different moves depending on how fast you are. I would be ok with rolling back all shield changes if that’s what it took to change this. I don’t think anyone though that shields were broken, so why fix them? I suppose it was for raids, but if they could make the shield system more like it was before but still work in raids, I would prefer that.

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Probably something to do with Co-op.

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Yeah I just thought of that too. It makes sense in that context.

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