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Some days you wish you lived in a different local


I live in local 1, and I’ve been seeing a TON of Majungasaurus the past few days. Sometimes, it makes me wish I lived in a different local. Only when it’s the obligatory “no where near as useful” common, though.

I get it, every local has them. Some days, it’s just more disheartening than others. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying it’s exactly bad thing to have, it just gets frustrating when you’re trying to unlock that new, shiny hybrid and you get Majungasaurus after Majungasaurus. So here is a question. What common is it for you?

If I’m being honest, I love local 1 most of the time because of Deinocheirus, which I know I’ll need later one.


I feel your pain. I live in the area too. And all I see is Einiosaurus. It was OK early in the game but now when trying to level up unique‘s, it’s damn frustrating.


The REAL frustrating part is, I’m actually quite fond of my Majungasuchus! She’s level 18 currently, but not because I’m using her. It’s because I’ve gotten so much Majungasaurus DNA that she’s easy to fuse for with the Collect x amount of Rare DNA, as well as my over all fondness of her. If I didn’t like this hybrid as much as I do, I wouldn’t have her at such a high level. lol I wish she was more useful late game, but she’s an early game hybrid. I understand those are needed, too.


I really need some more ouranosaurus. I visit L2 everyday but haven’t seen him in like a month. If my zone was L2 might have a better chance ;-;


Luckily, I’ve found all the zones within driving distance. But it still takes a trip.


I can’t complain about zone 3 now. I am happy Dimetrodon moved to this zone now and I can find Erliko any other day.

But of course Ouranosaurus, Ankylosaurus and Sinoceratops are just urban leyends for me.
I won’t complain though


I work in local 2 and sometimes go 3+ weeks between Ouranosaurus sighting…Secodontosaurus is alive and well though.

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I live in Zone 1 as well, and can’t stand the spawns. Would MUCH rather live in or close to zone 2.

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Don’t get me wrong i love local 2 i get draco2 draco and ourano but took me ages to collect dilo and deino to make the green chicken after endless hunts in l2 and thanks to my alliance but now i need to find an l3 to get loads of dimetrodon for magna


I’m pretty happy to live and work in local one as I think it’s one of the best, but it takes up almost my entire city – there’s a bit of local two uptown, and a bit of three out to the east, but I have to go out of my way to get to anything besides local one. I’d like to see more pockets of different locals, or – even better – regular migrations where all local spawns shift by one. I’d put up with a two-week period of living and working in local four if I got two weeks each in one, two, and three.


Could be worse… You could be in local 4! Oh well, at least I have a good Suchotator.


local 3 diplocaulus infest even whit legendary scence they spawn 4 - 6 in a row, the a legendary concavenator apers (epic palm face)


I was just going to say that. Literally everyone so far has commented with “I’m in local 1 and wish i was in 2” or “I’m in 2 and wish I was in 3” yet you notice nobody wishes they were in 4. lolololol.


I bet anyone can tell what zone I live and work in. :laughing: I could level this thing to 25.


Oh, if you’re going into THAT territory, might I recommend the Spinonyx thread? I think you’ll have LOTS of fun there. :grin:


To be honest the biggest thing is nerfing l4 right to the ground it is beyond me why they would do that and if it was me effected i would not want to play anymore. I agree with majority and have a 2 week migration of all locals so atleast everyone gets a crack at what they need and also gets people out more because they know they have 2 weeks to get what they need before they migrate again


I think loacals go through spawn patches i can see 4 or 5 ourano a week then sometimes not a single one