Some Dino stats don’t make sense

Some dinos’ stats don’t make sense at all say, koolasuchus…

It is faster than a raptor!

And then we have diplocaulus…
Which has the same attack stat as an Indominus Rex!

How does this make sense?

Well the alloraptor is the slowest raptor in the game

well, some of the game doesn’t make sense🤷🏼‍♂️

I don’t understand why the Indoraptor ger2 is more powerful and overpowering than the original, being that it is only legendary, i didn’t think it was fair all those skills that he has.

indo g2 was designed to be better than the original based on the lore of the franchise.

It is an odd from a creature to creature stand point but when you consider that you are only really looking at the numbers and abilities, what the creature is doesn’t really matter outside of a mechanical aspect.


Diplocalus deals 1800 damage because It only has 1× moves.

Koola is quicker, not faster.

So you mean it has better reflexes and attacks quick when it is not faster, as in running with a raptor?

Dilophoboa should have the attack stat of dilophosaurus g2.

Rex: has 102 speed
carbo and meio: both having 104 speed
Rex: sad tyrannosaurus noises

Always made me wonder how a turtle could be faster than something in this game.

it’s all guessing. for all we know koolasuchus was faster than a raptor. and trex really ate plants. alloraptor is a hybrid of a very large dino too, so has to take a speed hit