Some Dragons Need Buffs

I’m creating this as a place for people to discuss changes they would want to various dragons in the game.
The first one I want to bring up is the triple strikes. I know they were recently released, but they are such cool dragons and yet they are so gimmicky in the game. I feel like they should be more useful, more sought-after for alpha battles, and I know just the changes that could be made that would do so, and it wouldn’t even make them too powerful.
The changes I have for triple strikes are: for the random effects triple strike imposes remove the abilities that don’t work on alphas such as heal lock and ability lock, and make the amount of turns that the effects last 5 or 6 turns.
A third change that would effect them and many other dragons is more fundamental but would be good in many ways, and that is to allow stacking of various abilities that effect a single color. Currently if you try to stack various types of colored abilities, it will overwrite an ability that effects a totally different color. Because of this, the triple strikes often overwrite their own effects, and it isn’t recommended to use some dragons together, even though they should be totally compatible.
Please make these changes, at least last one I mentioned but all together is what it would take for triple strike to be even kinda useful vs alphas, since they would still be quite a gamble.
Thank you.


I also think you should add more powerful rare rarity dragons, or change a couple of them to be more powerful, since the special event basic bout battles can be tough even with many maxed out rares at my disposal, I think that means that there probably aren’t enough power in them. A simple way to do this would be to increase the strength of some of their abilities. I think there should be a rare that gives 2 turns of strong hits, like sunspark or mobclobber, and another one that increases critical chances since right now there is only one.
One suggestion i made in another post, would be to make the night lights stay perma baby form but be rare dragons that max out at 3*, they could then fill this role of “more powerful rares” I’m asking for in this reply. Maybe make one give 2-3 turns of strong hit, give one increased crit chance, and give the other one(or all three) Mockery, since you have only used that ability on NYSF and I think it is underutilized, similarly to critical boost.


I agree, maybe also balance dragons like new year stormfly and toothpaddy (make both of them very fast, and maybe decrease toothpaddy’s shield to 20%) since these dragons, especially NYS, seem to be focused on how fast they can land their first hit, now that alot if spirit boost dragons are added to the game i think that balance change would make toothpaddy an actually good dragon in your offensive team.

I would also like to talk about Snoggle Light Fury, she would be a better dragon, and actually worth the early acces and flight club if she either healed the whole team, maybe make her very slow for balance or dont change anything about her healing but make her moderate or fast instead.

Harvest stormfly’s damage should be instant to be honest (but this buff isnt really a must)

Dreadfall glaive should give instant damage (and maybe buff it to 300%)

Mother’s day cloudjumper and father’s day cloudjumper well…while Mother’s day cloud jumper should be either fast or moderate, father’s day skullcrusher is… even if it was very fast its just… its a bad dragon, he should maybe have a higher counterattack since there is a 1/5 chance for it to land aniways.

Sunsail windshear should be moderate or have her health drain buffed to 35-40%

Antiquarian should either be moderate (or maybe even fast) or have its healing be instant (i mean c’mon in a game where sawmaw and murmur broke the game for like one year, i dont think making a dragon that is worth around 20k runes to max out, a top tier would be that big of an issue).


Definitely. The elite dragons ESPECIALLY ought to be beefed up. I still think that Sawmaw and Murmurquill should have been left as they were, before they were nerfed HORRIBLY, but they get 20% health, and all allies gain the rest instead. That way, they could heal the team if you don’t have Antiquarian yet.

Eh… I dunno about that tbh, Sawmaw and Murmur kinda broke the meta back then

But they are 100% what an elite should be like, skitter should be comming this week and his stats are really good tho