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Some dragons that are missing details in their abilities

There are some dragons that are missing details in the description of their abilities:
1-the auroch king: in his first ability’s description, it says all foes take??? fact, he has damage over time ability,but it doesn’t say for how many turns the enemies will take damage.
2-the radiant skyglow: his first ability’s description: all allies take 45% decreased damage. But for how many turns? So this is the same case as the auroch king.
3-scully slander, gladgut, the smoldering slaggert: their increased damage ability says:all allies inflict ??? damage for ??? turns. It doesn’t say increased damage,it just says damage.
. The last dragon I’m going to talk about now, his ability is just not very clear, there is nothing missing.
4- the mythic murmurquil: his last ability’s description: all allies gain 35% attack for 5 turns. It can be understood of course that it means increased damage but it just should be more clear.
. These are just some dragons that are missing some details in their description of abilities and some that has a description that is not very clear. if anyone knows other dragons that have the same case as this dragons,do mention them down below.


Do you mean in-game or on the wiki? If the latter, I haven’t been able to go through and check all the abilities yet.

@LightFury,it’s in the game, not in the wiki.

Thanks, itami! Our team has been notified and they’re looking into it.

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@Ned,I always had a question about a certain dragon, maeve’s buffalord, his last ability says: this dragon steals beneficial effects from target for. Do you know what that means? Or can you please ask the devs about it? Because it’s not really clear, because he doesn’t attack just one enemy, but random enemies. Thanks.

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it means if the foes have any benefits, it will take the benefits that the foe has.

He’s not talking about the meaning of stealing beneficial effects. He’s talking about which dragon they are stolen from. Is it just the one you target at the beginning? All the ones that are hit by Maeve’s buffa’s attacks or from all enemies.

it states just the target foe