Some "emoting players" out there, I'll tell ya

I can understand emoting others in the arena, especially when the opponent uses swap in or OP creatures (I send them myself on those cases)… In Skill tournaments too, equal grounds, even doing it for no reasos. Maybe you can annoy the opponent and trick him/her into making a mistake… It’s cheap, but it’s valid, it makes sense.

But emoting in an Advantage tourney with creatures at way higher level than your opponent’s AND boosted? Really?.. Seriously, I have no words to describe players like that without getting banned from here :man_facepalming:


No, the worst is when people swap in the rhino when they know they’re gonna win even without it. At that point I shoot a yawn and walk away for a bit

Disable emotes… problem solved.


No. I like emotes. I like to compliment and thank my opponent, plus the occasional laugh. And it’s not a problem, it’s just pathetic x)

Ludia should add a credit card swipe emoji that makes a cash register “Cha-Ching” noise so we can send it back to show they only “won” because they paid for the no contest fight.

They really don’t have anything to brag about🤑


I love that idea :grin::ok_hand:

High boosted creatures? Hides max boosted level 30 kelenken and diplo
I own nothing of that sorts


Oh yes please, big fan when it comes to wit n sarcasm, still haven’t stopped laughing over the “ meteorite post”

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