Some epics just vanished

kentro, ankylo, rex, mono, raja, sino …
I tried to find them, but it never worked.

few days ago, I found 3 erlikos in local 3…
but after that day, no epics spawned in my game.
(I think that was my last good luck)
except barys.

I live in a country where this game is unavailable.

but I tried hard to play this, and I earned
sweet prizes.

but after the update, it’s not working.

if someone know what to do,
then help me.

There’s not so much to say, epics spawns got nerfed in update 1.5.


Ankylo & Sino were never around in the first place…but I do agree that kentro has gone awol. So has ourano.

Went looking for Kentro where I found her before and nada…not one to be found 3 separate days…no Trex around either when there used to b a few a day I would find

mine is worse.

just like you, epics never appears
but I have a wifi disconnecting problem
only in my nearest local 1 area…

I found a rajassaurus the other day at 3:49am lol i was in my bed and couldnt dart him and im not that crazy to leave my bad to dart him with 0°c outside😂

Maybe most Epics will be from events in 1.5
Or the code isn’t working I’m always going with its broke as my default guess.

Id need a lot Erlikosaurus events (there has never been one) to get the unique. I’m good for Sino still need 8k of Utah and 7k of Dracorex to use it up. And need Utah for other stuff.

Spawn rates have not changed with 1.5 but the changes to daytime/global spawns may make it feel that way. Just keep looking and you’ll find them.

That’s strange because where i live in Western Australia there is a local park not far from where i live ( about 5 minutes walk away ), for the last 2 to 5 days now it has been literally crawling with epic dino’s all over the place and at one stage there was over 6 different epics that kept popping in and out ( sinoceratops, t rex, ankylosaurus, secodontosaurus, pyroraptor ( once or twice ), postimetrodon, rajasaurus ( twice in last 3 days ), spinosaurus gen 2 ( once or twice in last week ), stegoceratops ( once in last 3 days ), plus on top of that there has been an absolute truckload or rare dinos out and about as well :grinning: :sunglasses: :grinning:

which dracorex dna are you chasing the normal one or the gen 2 one instead.?. i have a decent amount of the normal dracorex ( roughly 300 plus dna spare ) and the dracorex gen 2 i have roughly 2,000 dna spare ! if you need some of it just give me a buzz via my alliance ( the VampirusRex alliance ) it is the one with the purple and grey background with the white flying terradon in the middle or just look us up in the alliance listings to find us :grinning:

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It’s nice if there are spawns in Australia must be great to find a hive of activity. But Dinosaurs on the other side of the planet in Australia little use to me.

If I can’t find a spawning area in 1 hours walk the game doesn’t work for me as I play it as a walking game.

Ludia won’t find too many customers with all day to drive around in a car hoping they get lucky and find a hot-spot. Much better to reverse the mistake the spawns were already too concentrated.

You are a super kind person. I need Dracorex rare but it’s something I can get myself as it spawns locally. But thanks for the generosity.

your welcome anytime… if you need any dna for a dino in the future just give me a buzz via my alliance and if i have any spare your most welcome to it ( VampirusRex ) :sunglasses:

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