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Some fresh new suggestions for future updates

So heres some ideas that I thought of based off of where I would like to see the game headed.

Level Boost DNA

Ok, so I’ve been wanting this the most out of anything really, what this gives us is a chance to take some of our creatures past level 40, like we see with the creatures in PvE, for instance…


Similar to the boss dna on how its obtained, level boost dna will be a blue colour dna that can be obtained by clearing a certain number of events or certain requirements in a limited time. Level 40 still stays the same for hybrid and super hybrid purposes but what happens after that is the fuse button will turn blue allowing us to fuse our creatures above level 40, the fuse button will appear so on at level 50, 60, 70 etc… just needing 1 creature at that level and the level boost dna (no additional creature at that level required.)

Alot of players have their creatures maxed already so level boost dna opens up more progression areas for players in the game. Which brings me onto my next point…

More food upgrades… please!

Currently the food production facility is limited to this amount per 4 hrs…


I have creatures that cost this much for 1 level…


I’m prepared to spend a lot of bucks to have a consistent amount of food that meets my creatures needs, 1 mill a day is just not enough.

With other resources I do not have to rely on the trade harbour for the steady growth, coin comes easy, dna comes fairly consistently with PvE and PvP, bucks are also consistent, but food without the help of the trade harbour would take a silly amount of weeks if not months to max a certain creature…

Lets take a look at PvP prizes… LP I can gain a 10th of a loyalty pack in 1 battle (20th for a non vip), dna about a 30th of an ostaposaur, but for food prizes it’s more like a 300th just for 1 single feeding level for a top end creature :tired_face: crazy right? Considering food should be one of the easiest resources to farm alongside coin ) I feel for you guys maxing any tourney hybrid from 31 to 40 I really do.

Diversity in S Hybrids

Now that there is more choice in s hybrid creations thanks to the ability to change sdna in the recent updates players are no longer tied to a creature they do not want to make, which brings me to the option of more legendary hybrids such as ostaposaur, unayrhyncus, suchoripterus (and even tourney hybrids such as gorgosuchus or glythronax)

Players will not have to race to gain more of a certain amount of sdna in a limited window now that you have given us freedom of what to generate, which also brings me to choices of s hybrids for these 2 beasties, for example…

With choice at play if no one wants to generate sdna for an aquatic hybrid or cenozoic hybrid because they feel their jurassics need some work then they can choose something else, but I think you have alot of your player base interested in these areas.

More expansions and New islands

And of course we know there are more islands in the jp and jw franchise, which we need added as alot of us are going to be running out of expansions and space soon, what with new creatures added to the game I think this is a must.

Thanks for reading guys, I know it’s a long one, sorry, I hope youve enjoyed my ideas and feedback would be nice.


Yes, but I’d only want it to work on increments of 10. I.e. to get to L51 from L50, you’d need the DNA to do so. Meanwhile food would still be needed to level up the dinos regularly.

“Boost” DNA I dislike the name for because it shared the acronym with Boss DNA. Maybe A-DNA, for Advanced DNA?

Agreed. Maybe just bump it up to 2-2.5 mil a day, and let it run for 48 hours. This way it’s more hands-off. Since most players have stashes of coins at high levels I wouldn’t mind a massive increase in cost.

Agreed. It’s sad that we’ve only gotten a handful of S-Hybrids, which doesn’t even compare to the Hybrids we got shortly after the game was released.

Now with the cycles, we will only get a new S-Hybrid every 6-months to a year. IIRC it was 10 months between Giga and Dime S-Hybrids.

This is yet another choking point for late game players.

To top off the upsetting realizations, we are mostly getting it for crappy hybrids, like Giga and Carnoraptor. This could be such an easy fix to subpar dinos like Tropeogopterous, Metrialong, Unayrhy, Suchoper, Koola, etc, because it makes them worth while to get. Thus it’s more upsetting when we get them for more powerful dinos of worse rarities.

I mean I’m fine with Nublar and Sorna, as according to JW Evolution’s maps, these 2 are the biggest islands of the chain. Thus I don’t want the tiny islands it it starts negatively impacting the performance of this game, which I am afraid of.

I just wish the expansions weren’t tied to the park level, or even raise the park level to include all tile expansions.

Another great space saver idea is the idea of mega-paddocks, where you can fit 5-10 dinos of a same class into a building to live harmoniously. Kind of like how the Aquatic and Ceno parks are all inside the Bio-dome and Lagoon, just on a smaller scale and you can move the paddocks around in the park, on both islands. Could even sell them for money to keep revenue coming in, assuming they don’t price them out the wazoo.


I found it in play store. Is the new update leaked


Endgame players who only have gorgosuchus as a top tier amphibian will be using all this on something like postosuchus or prestosuchus XD

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This is exactly what I meant by it, I was so tired last night that I dont think I explained it as clearly as you.

The name I’m not too bothered with, even level-DNA, I just feel it should be a blue dna based on the mist colour of enhanced creatures we face.

Even better idea.

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Lol true, I was thinking of using it just on a postosuchus and leveling it up to a crazy level :joy:

But I think that higher rarities should cost more level boost dna than lower rarities otherwise everyone would be able to gain higher levels on high end creatures just as quick as lower rarities.


I think battles should be upgraded like for example:

  • It shouldn’t be the same cool down time if a dino gets killed or if it survives. Or even if it got injured or not. This way we would think twice before we sacrifice a creature just because it will be a sure win in the next move.
  • Maybe class advantage shouldn’t take place if a hybrid is battling one of its components.
  • Battle stats would be so cool. Like knowing what’s my most used creature, how many wins, against what, etc.
  • This one is kind of extreme but what if a dino gets 8 hits it actually dies? And it’s lost… forever… and you’ll have to breed it again because you just left it unprotected… It would add some adrenaline and force us to take better care of them during battles.
  • Last but not least, please eliminate the coins from the dominator wheel.

Other things that should happen :

  1. Better draft rewards and more options in draft teams
  2. Flocks in the game
  3. Clash of titans can now be fought with aqua an cenos
  4. New unlock event for vip creatures
  5. New non tourney gen 2s
  6. New non tourney normal creatures
    (i know normal creatures are weak by now but every new non hybrid creature being a tourney gets boring)
  7. Second hybrids for creatures. Jwa has that so why not here. Of course it could be too much for dna costs

I really like this idea.


These ones I like the ideas of, the ones above not so much, I dont think vips should be unlockable, however I am all for vip hybrids.

Plus lower rarities have a chance to eventually be strong, look at dimetrocarnus and monostegotops for instance.


I have already given my opinion!

Didn’t meant entirely Unlockable. Similar to the vip tournaments

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Yep i also want new normal creatures because Commons are basically extinct. We also don’t have a common amphibian hybrid. Plus many rigs don’t have a common creature either. I also think bosses should be usable in pvp and normal events


Also bae I did notice that gigas super hybrid is more powerful than monostegotops, pretty good considering giganocephalus is weaker than stegoceratops, gives me hope for creatures like tropeogopterus and ophiacomimus that need that boost. Only time will tell anyways :crossed_fingers:

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I have an additional idea here that will come in handy for a lot of us.

Creature Sorting - Most Used

During tournament runs alot of the time I am scrolling back and forth choosing suitable creatures of a certain ferocity for my dominator battles.

Wouldnt it be great if we could sort creatures by most used? (This may count in fodders aswell but if most used x ferocity is put in play this may work, by pressing this filter only creatures that are repeatedly used will show up with this filter, meaning fodders will still be at the back of the queue while mains will be at the top)

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Yes, but the drawbacks:

  • 7 day hatch time
  • longer recovery rate (aside from L10)

So for a much longer hatch time and a little more recovery time, you get 500 more health.

This makes me wonder how Ludia will shaft any future S-Hybrids from lower-spec hybrids.

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I like it, but I’d rather have the option to customize or even an overhaul of the dino selection screen.

Make it so you have the option to show how many of your top roster you’d like to use, i.e. top 15, top 30, and then you have categories. 1 for each class, but then you can create your own categories by picking what dinos to put inside of them (thus you could pick a dino roster for each event, or better yet each league in a tournament). This way you have a smaller scroll screen and it’s somewhat customizable.

The problem with “most used” is that for your idea of tournament dino picking would conflict with this system, because how often do you use the fodders in non-tournament events? Of course the way to circumvent this would be to do it based off of events, so each tournament run will have the same “most used” dinos compared to F4F “most used.”

With that option, why not just overhaul the dino selection screen to allow us to make our own categories?

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Also the level 10 is very weak in comparison to other level 10 hybrids, i think maybe ludia done this because we would fill our paddocks with level 10s making them useful for tournament and PvE purposes, with the nerf in attack from giga at 10 looks like they combated this, as we only start seeing the real benefits from giga at level 20 plus, mono has over 900 attack at level 10 making it the more useful hybrid to make an army of.

I hope this isnt the case for all of the new s hybrids they bring out.

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I have another idea that I would like to add.

Change of rewards - related to specific events

As you can see from the picture above, todays event is using aquatics and tomorrows cenozoics.

If I’m using aquatics for a vip exclusive event I would like to win a super rare aquatics pack or legendary aquatics pack.


If I’m using cenozoics for a vip exclusive event I would like to win a super rare cenozoic pack or legendary cenozoic pack.


@Keith if you could pass all my ideas on to the team I would be grateful, thanks :slight_smile:

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