Some friendly suggestions instead of buying this ridiculous incubator!


You can pre order fallout 76!
If you like harvest moon, the new one for ps4 is fantastic!
You can buy a new pair of shoes to impress that lady or gentleman you’re interested in!
By a new dress! Buy a new suit!
You can stock up on food for a month!
You can buy 4 of the best steaks available at 50 bucks! I could keep going, but I think you get the idea. Haha


I bought jurassic world evolution from my level 12 level-up reward, ain’t regretting it so far what a gorgeous game!! :tada::sauropod:

Even buying 5 months of VIP is more worth; 1m gold, 9.000 cash (1800~ / month) and over a dozen of additional DNA. Just to give you an idea… (Gold = based on level 12 calculations)