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Some game changes i have noticed after tournament

  1. Colours of the stop, now there more smoth i think
  2. The game seems flow better than before the tournament
  3. The minimum of cash on supply drops is 8 (non VIP)
  4. The minimum of coins on supply drops is 95 at lvl 20 (non VIP)

You have noticed this changes? and where is ludia that not tell us of this mini updates, where is the notes related to that kind of changes?


More than that. I’m getting 15 cash instead of 10, and a max of 67 darts instead of 44. Everything seems to be increased for some reason.


I have noticed on VIP, possible to get 67 darts and 7xx coins. Hard cash haven’t got any yet since reset.

I was hoping for an increase in the daily coin cap too.


I got over 800 coins on a spin today was wondering why it was so high.


Havent spun any and recived anything as i was maxed, but i thought they looked different. Glad im not losing my mind :joy:

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Drops giving out more cash? Oh my god! That’ll get fixed first thing in the morning.

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