Some Harvest Chase chests include only darts

I thought this was only during Halloween and those trick or treat-chests. I walked quite a bit just for nothing.

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Came here to report the same. Clearly they just copy/pasted the trick or treat drops… Not that they’ll see this in time, but hard to be “thankful” for 5 darts @Ned

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Made sense for Halloween, was ‘part of the joke’ so to speak, I’ve had it two or three times & given the snow its not the weather for it. I’m hoping I can max out from the two within range now.

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15 chests opened 9 times darts.
and by the way its not the same as Halloween.
There were some chests only with darts.
Now there also come in chests where you got the opening before coins …
So much about ludia solved that as they said …

Before I reach my limit on coins, I am opening coin chase boxes with only 5 darts in them.
Pretty sure this was only supposed to happen on Halloween for the “trick” part, and not anymore.
Really annoying since it happens a lot and there aren’t that many near me to open.


Seems the more things change, the more they don’t get fixed and rear thier ugly heads again. Anyone want to put some money on the Christmas chase??

It’s below freezing outside so I can’t have my phone out for long or the screen starts flickering. I opened a few of those chests and they gave me the Halloween “trick” of five darts, so I put my phone back in my pocket and pretended they didn’t exist.


I’ve only experienced this today. Yesterday it was all coins.

Came here to say the same. 5 darts given consistently to a VIP paying customer? But my husband’s phone doesn’t have VIP & he got more coins and maxed out more quickly. Now, Postimetrodon Boss is rudely hanging out on top of my coin box & no matter where/when I tap, it spins me around to the boss. I’m canceling VIP next month.

Hey Somedinoguy, our team is currently investigating the Treasure Chase. :mag:

If I get an update from our team, I’ll be sure to post it here ASAP.

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All due respect @Ned but that’s the same thing we reported when this happened at Halloween.

Dev should know it’s much more fruitful to fix the issue (correctly) once than to put a bandaid on it each and every time it comes up.

It was meant to happen in the Halloween chase…
Why is that so hard for people to understand?! Simple: wasn’t an error then, was an error this time.

They simply used the same formula as the Halloween chests. Whatever. I’d love a higher limit when they do that.