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Some help on my lineup

I feel like I am doing good but I would always take some more help
Here’s my lineup

Also have a kentrosaur hatching
Will get to level 20 once done
(Edit-Hatchery picture should have been last)

Also I will post my aquatic and cenozoic lineups tomorrow if I remember

First, don’t fully level up the kentrosaur once it is done hatching, I’d say around lvl 15 16 or so, second, get some carnivores up there. And add a bit more depth.

The lvl 20 kentro is about as good as a lvl 30 legendary so no need to keep it lower.

Alright, didn’t know that

frankly your lineup ios just like moine, I think ankylodocus and spinoraptor will be good

But I don’t have ankylosaur or uthahraptor unlocked
I have a single copy of both but no unlock

Do some mod battles and trade coin for creatures if you can

I would add the same legendary creatures you already have, like lvl 30 trex and lvl 30 pteranodon, so you can have two equally good ones of the same type and when the time comes you can fuse them to lvl 31+.

Try to keep your hatchery at full capacity!

I’m not sure if it’s the right time to start working on tourneys (kentro) they take 7 days to hatch, instead you could hatch two standard legendaries in the same spot during this time-frame. Of course if you got one of the kentros for free then it makes sense to fuse it to a lvl that’s helpful for your line up, but I wouldn’t waste dna and hatchery time on tourneys at your ferocity lvl.

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I am not leveling up my creatures because I want to unlock COT
And get stronger creatures to support level 40 legendries
I thought I might be able to get segnosaurus but I wasnt able to get it
hopefully I can get the one coming up