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Some Hybrid Ideas!

I draw a lot of new hybrid ideas and I decided to share them with some random people here on ludia’s forum.
Concaveolphosaurus Lv.16 -(Concavenator+Dilophosaurus) Health -2237
Damage -763 Speed - 124 Critical - 10%
Brachicephalus (Brachiosaurus+Euplocephalus) Health-4127 Damage -613 Speed -112 Critical-5% Armor -40% .
Nodosuchus(Nodosaurus+Koolasuchus). Health -2843 Damage -623 Speed -123 Critical-5% Armor -25%.
Pyroynx Lv.21 (Pyroraptor+Baryoynx) Health- 2357 Damage -1128 Speed -129 Critical -30%. There were several of many hybrids I came up with thank you for taking your time and I tried to make these as original as possible if you would like more just ask!


Do one for Pachy!

Do one for allosino!

Pyroynx must be a legendary