Some hybrids got recently... any good?

I got the utasinoraptor! It has a beutiful design and it’s kinda OP for me right now! I also got the alankylosaurus! Again, the design is beutiful, and it’s a amazing replacement for my lvl 15 Alanqa i used to have!

Any of u agree??

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Utasino is great,alankylossaurus to be honest i created mine today so :joy::joy::joy:

Well I’ve had both for awhile and both are amazing. Utasinoraptor is a quick sweeper and his move sets have cool downs that allow you to create a patterned rhythm of powerful attacks. Alankylosaurus is a pretty decent indominus counter. He doesn’t pack the biggest punch though so he’s more of a guy I like to consider as a back up Dino that I can safety switch into with his swap-in. Just watch out for shattering moves and bleed. And take advantage of that SS.

Welcome to team blue my friend, you have chosen wisely. Utasino is a pure beast! She alone almost took out both the L30 salamanders for yesterday’s epic strike event. Leaving koolio with just a smidge of health left over for utarinex to finish it off. If there was an abundance of utahs around my area, I would drop all those sinos on her without a doubt. She can diss out so much damage, with the addition of criticals, bypass ss, wipe tanks her level, has armor, above average speed, stun spam machine, and cough cough drop dead gorgeous. One of the best investments I’ve made so far :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Utahsino rocks! Alanky though is only good against indom and with all the dsr flying about from buffed therapods and drac g2 flying around alanky is in a very bad place in the meta(any shield reliant Dino really!) IMHO