Some Hybrids I think are cool + 1 Apex

Which is y’all’s favorite?


The DakotaNyx needs to have a strike of some kind and if its unpeircable it needs to have a percentage on the armour stat

Dakotaraptor doesn’t have a strike, just 2 rampages i believe. That is probably where he got it from


Baryonyx does however. Plus it doesn’t need a counter. Change DR to PP and Sidestep to Daring Strike.

I agree it does not need a counter

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Ok thanks for your suggestions I’ll edit them asap

Also these are good concepts, but most are poorly executed. Ill go 1 by 1.

Omega Raptor: Where’s the Pounce? That’s the signature move of a raptor. I’d change out CR to replace this. Also I’d have it do 1600-1700 damage and 132 Speed. Also some resistances would be nice. I’d say Distraction, Crit Reduction, and Bleed immunity, with a 67% Stun Resistance.

Albertotator: Should have more health. Neither creature has lower than 4350 health, so I’d put it with Alberto’s health at 4350. The damage is rather low as well, with it being at Suchotator’s attack. I’d bump it up to around 1500 or somewhere near that. I’d change up this moveset a lot though. I’d give it Superiority Strike for Fierce Strike, Killer Instinct for Nullifying Impact, and Instant Distraction for Fierce Impact. Also remove 25% Vulnerability resistance.

Lythroraptor: Should have around 3600 health. Other stats are fine. Now the abilities. All hybrids have 4 abilities, no matter what. This is a basic rule. And why is it fierce? It should be cunning resilient. I’d have Distraction for Fierce Strike, Pounce for Fierce Impact, and add Group Shields as well as a counter attack. Armor Piercing Counter is fine.

Spinoceratops: Health should be 3450. Damage is ok I guess, would prefer 1200, but 1300 is fine. I’d say 15% armor, it should have gotten the same or less. Also Speed down to 119-120. Only move I would change is Fierce Ramage to either Dig In or Resilient Impact. Also I’d have No Escape on it as well.

Utahnyx: Only stat I would change is speed to 127. Strike is literally the worst move in the game, change that to Minor Rending Attack. I would give it Lethal Wound over Cunning Impact, Change Fierce Rampage to Cunning Rampage, and add on Precise Pounce. Remove the counter and change the On Escape Rampage to On Escape No Escape. Also add some resistances. I’d say Bleed and Decel Immunity, with Distraction resistance or Immunity tacked on

Dakotanyx: Already discussed its moves. Now for its Stats. Buff the health to 3900, speed to 128, and crit to 20%. Also add on some resistances like Vulnerable Immunity and Decel Resistance of 75%.

Acrolyth: This thing should be a legendary imo. Also more health, Acro has 4800 of it. Buff that to 4200 health. Also crit to 20% and Armor to 10%. I’d trade out Fierce Impact for Ferocious Strike, and Short Defense to Taunting Shields.

Now for Indotator, Dracoraptor, and Spinotahmimus, they can not exist until Ludia makes a hybrid with a hybrid.

Also again some basic rules, all hybrids have 4 moves, try to base stats and moves off of your creature, and don’t be afraid to mix up some new moves if you feel like you want a combination of a couple different moves.

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But Ludia already made a hybrid with a hybrid, Indoraptor? Indoraptor Gen2? Erlikospyx? Indotaurus? Guessing off the top of my head. I made the UtahNyx Based on both creatures, A spino sized creature wouldn’t really pounce, (I made it on the Spyx size)

I mean with 2 hybrids mixed together. All of those have one hybrid and one non hybrid

Alright I’m editing them atm

Ok thanks for telling me

There I edited them and removed the double Hybrids. Which is y’all’s favorite? Mine is the UtahNyx, it’s a combination of my 2 favorite creatures.

Honestly I agree with Utahnyx. I love Spinonyx and most people I’ve talked with think that it’s an extremely well made model and Utah looks decent for a Raptor. If they make it work, this could look amazing, and much better than the previous attempt at a Spinosaur plus Raptor.

Here is one i just made

Nice that looks awesome! Good job.

I’ve made like 50 hybrids now, Jwa toolbox is so fun to use.

Yeah, the Utahraptor is in fact the biggest and most agressive raptor, Increase it’s size, add some scales, and give it a new color scheme then boom, Cool creature That’s actually not that hard to make and will be fun to use, it’s surely not easy to get, but the Utahraptor is a global spawn, I have like 3k Utah dna at player level 10 and grinding The Spinonyx.

The name is a little too long tho, I’d go for Spinotitan,

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