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Some ideas for new hybrids :)


Probably won’t make the cut, but I thought to share some ideas of mine :slight_smile:

Carnocoatlus ( Carnosaurus + Quetzalcoatlus)
Carnivor with big wings and little arms. Because of the little horns it looks a little bit like the devil.

Omega (Charlie + Delta)
Better raptor with a better moveset

Zeta (Blue + Echo)
Also better raptor with a better moveset

Alpha (Omega + Zeta, see above)
The raptor of all raptors

Dimosaurus (Dimodactylus + Argentinosaurus)
Sauropod with forepaws like claws so it can bleed the oponent. Lighter frame so faster.

Brachiocaulus (Brachiosaurus + Diplocaulus gen 2) Sauropod with distracting and cleansing abilities. Would be a unique probably.

Let me know what you guys think!


We need Owen. I mean he is the true Alpha


Yeah actually, we should let Owen be a hybrid :smiley:


Blue + Owen = BLOWEN


Owen + Owen = you’re going too fast!!!


Owen + Owen is capable of turning off your phone… break down the car or bus you’re in… Too much evil power

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I’d like a unique Pterosaur that can break shields maybe. Like Alankylosaurus + Secodontosaurus? Ankylodontosaurus? I’d also like a Suchotator hybrid but I’m not sure what’d be a good dino with it.