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Some Ideas for the next update

Since this update has brought some new hybrids, I think no creatures should be added to the game. Many people are asking for arena balancing, and I think that the arena should be balanced as droppers are very toxic and many players are complaining about them. In the next update, I think people should have the option of choosing what DNA they want when doing daily missions. This is the same for alliance rewards, as you can choose what creatures YOU actually require. There should also be moths where you can choose to get legendaries. You can choose which months, but you can do this for only two months. It is quite tiring in just getting DNA you don’t really require. So @Ned, is it possible to put this forward to the devs? I would really like to know others opinions too. Thanks for reading this!


Like probably fixing the Indotaurus @Ned

Yea you are damn right!

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I don’t mean to keep complaining about this guy but seriously this is a creature we the players voted for.
My alliance likes joking around with me about it but at the same time agreeing with me. Lol

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Yea same here. I showed my friend and now he feels as if ludia can’t do anything right!

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