Some ideas for updates & events


Hi there! I was playing the game a couple days ago and thought of some ideas that I think would be great.

  1. Be able to send non-competitive battle requests to your friends - send a battle request to your friend and have your teams fight to the death. You don’t gain trophies for winning.

  2. Topics for the special events - like a heavy armor week with, for example, Stegosaurus, Euplocephalus, Triceratops, Wuerhosaurus, Ankylosaurus and Kentrosaurus. Or more with a similar style to the Pyroraptor week, eg; Velociraptor, Parasaurolophus, Tyrannosaurus Rex Gen 2, Purrusaurus, Rajasaurus, Ankylosaurus and Rajakylosaurus.

  3. Make the game less Pay2Win - I play the game without paying anything, so for me this is a big issue - people who haven’t bought stuff can barely progress through Badlands and Lockdown, and cannot progress through Sorna Marshes to get to the top 500, as this is where all the people who payed are at, with insanely high level dinosaurs that just destroy anyone who hasn’t payed.

  4. Give everyone on the forums 5 Epic Incubators - this ones just a joke, but it would be appreciated :wink:

Well this is the end. Hope you like my ideas and if so, please like the post :slight_smile:
Bye :smiley:


We already got this basically. Last week we had “Pyrritator Week” (Pyroraptor, Irritator, Pyrritator) and this week is like “Nodopatosaurus and his Hybrids” …