Some ideas to improve WoW - Please add yours

  • Add the flag of the Country to the player’s name;
  • Add the tag of the Guild to the player’s name;
  • Save gears’ set-ups for PvE and PvP;
  • Implement server’s chat;
  • Implement a system which shows players on-line on the server and the possibility to challenge players in the active list (the invite can be refused of course);
  • All the cards of any item should be always available in the shop for gems/gold;
  • Implement Raids system played by Guilds mates and/or PUGs;
  • Possibility to donate gold/gems to other players;
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:rotating_light: Some suggestions:

:classical_building: Increase the maximum level (from 20 to 30)

:stop_sign: Button to reject all clan requests.

:construction: Be able to choose the minimum requirements to run for a clan (Lvl, battle points, etc.)

:busts_in_silhouette: Be able to designate a clan sublider (to help select applications)

:person_fencing: Save formations and team choice of each hero. (to avoid having to change the whole team to do a mission)

:person_climbing:‍♂ More missions in “Explore” mode

:family_man_woman_girl_boy: More characters.

:men_wrestling: More battle modes.

:crazy_face: More emojis (•_-)

:world_map: More “history”.


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Hmm… More character/story development? Aside from that, changes to PvP would be nice, especially to make trophies and rank more valuable from day to day. Like, there could be some sort of point system where you get “battle points” after every 24 hours or so, and you can use those in a pvp-specific shop to buy stuff (left to the devs to figure out what they’d want to offer). A system that makes it harder to gain trophies after getting a certain amount per day would also discourage tanking

I’d love to be able to save gear setups for characters. It’s annoying to have to manually swap gear for pve/pvp. Would also love an in-game “at next level” preview on items so you could easily prioritize upgrades.


I’d love to know more about characters’ Lore and it would be great if Epic Items had a story as the Legendaries currently have.

Then, I wish I could create a sort of List with specifical friends, as it happens in many games: for instance, I meet someone very friendly in the guild? Perfect, I ask and add him/her to my Friend List. Implementing a chat for Friends would be the top, also! My boyfriend and I are in the same guild, but I cannot write to him to tell to him and him only something private, should it be an advice or some bragging about my luck LOL or a funny joke.

Third suggestion: how about allowing the possibility to run a “dungeon” in the Explore section more than just one time ? I mean, grinding coins is difficult but we get away with it if we redo the various parts of the main story too, not only the final part with the Main Boss. (That is for free once a day, okay).

What do you think about these ideas? :wink:


I’d like a undermountain type random dungeon where we can just continue to fight monsters and bosses until we die. The longer we last the greater the rewards. You can put a gem fee to resurrect like it is in the separate dungeons. The monsters and bosses are they best part of this game. The pvp is ok for small amounts but asking to do pvp dozens of times makes me just want to quit or ignore the events.


Sounds like a cool idea @Zar

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  1. Some indication on idleness in the guilds - there’s no help in tracking who deserves a kick.
  2. Ghost fights - instead of bots in pvp I’d love to fight the other four from my roster. That would make the fight balanced, and even if not - another incentive to level characters up evenly.
  3. Smaller exploration like adventures, maybe to take place of pvp for character events. Having a small storyline for a character and going through some dungeons to explore it would be fun.
  4. Clearer rules on pvp points - I’ve no clue how they are calculated. My wins range between 10 and 50 points.

For number 4 I think I can help. If you and your opponent are even then it is 30 trophies up or down. Every 10 trophy difference is one trophy up or down. So if you beat your opponent and they were 10 trophies higher, you get 31 trophies. Maxes out at 200 trophies starting differential being 20 trophies more/less than the starting 30 which gives the 10 to 50 range. Bots are half of whatever the amount would be if you were fighting a human. At some point though bots just become 15, 10, or 5 depending on your level since the bots starting count is arbitrary.


“Increase the maximum level (from 20 to 30)”

While I wouldn’t mind higher level caps, my fear is that we’ll start seeing level 30 bot teams all geared up :grinning:

Raiders of Ravenloft
Undisputed Best Guild in the Game … with a ravenloft/raiding themed name

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I would love to see the ability to change out the rewards for two-day challenges. For example, being able to change the reward set for a single dungeon once per two-day reset (I’m thinking similar to the quest swap). I’m sure many of you get stuck with plenty of gear you want, but no chance to obtain it, so we just grind gems and gold.


I would also like to be able to replace low duration Battle chests with higher quality ones if all of my chest slots are full and I proceed to fight without opening one. For example, if an 8 hour chest came up, it would replace an unopened 3h chest. I’m always short on resources, and this would give me a good reason to keep playing battles even when I can’t afford to open more chests (except for the thrill, of course).

P.S. Thanks back to you Fizbanius for not making our match today a long, drawn out cleric restore fight. That felt like karma, I promise I’ll keep that trend up! I usually feel like i’d rather go die in the fire and re-queue than wait through that :rofl:

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@Silvermouse this is a very good idea, hopefully Ludia will start listening its player one day :slight_smile:

With regards to our fight, fully agree with you! And btw you are one of the few very fair players who acts in the same way (when the situation is 4 toons against the cleric alone). Also I copied your Saarvin common axes style: I love it!

Add a mute setting for the emoji in PVP. They seldom come across as anything but salty or annoying.

And for the love of everything good in this world, nerf Halbenet’s epic mace already.


Emogis help me figure who the humans are, and whether i play civil with them.

All emojis are good for is knowing you are playing a lower level player.
Players in the higher leagues do not bother with such childish nonsense.

[Edit. However, if I am letting a weaker player win and they get overzealous with the emoticons, I will sometimes smash them]

I appreciate the sentiment. I tend not to use them either, but i do have point out your statement is a bit sweeping. I still try to use them to ferret out human players. For example, once i used a lot of emos trying to get a response from a player who was playing me while i had the immortal bone thing going. I killed a couple characters off until he responded with the air emo. Then, i quit attacking him and let him win, as is fair since he dominated the match. No response, i keep going.

As to Emojis, it’d be great to add a “well done”, “thanks” and “yawn” option. You don’t have to have an “emoji” either. Actual words would be nice, like they do in other games. I often wish I could say thanks to higher level players for tanking for me, or “yawn” when I’m immobilized with a melee guy, or “well done” when they pull off a nice 3 character zone kill, like Farideh’s -AC with a follow-up full zone kill. Laughter is too confusing, can imply rudeness, when really I’m just impressed or entertained.

Here are my suggestions after having played this for a while and becoming a pretty active participant on discord et al.

First, make the matching be based on the party’s stats, not ranking or trophies. A charatcer’s stats is a much better assessment of their relative strength. It isn’t level or trophy count. Right now your matching algorithm encourages tanking, keeping trophies artificially low, so you can get easier Tests of Might wins. I’ve cleared 3000, and am probably able to clear 3200+, but then I’d be matched with 3600s for ToM and I’d be killed. Instead its “better” for me to just stick at 2500, lose a few battles here and there, so then the ToM battles are more “fair”. If I wanted to be really obnoxious, I’d tank even further to set my ToM “rank” lower.

Second, make the ToM rank crystal clear. Even if you want to make it difficult, tell us up front. A lot of times people will take a hard fact if you tell them up front. Clarity makes policy more digestible. As it is now, it feels deceptive and manipulative.

Third, rather than have a gazillion battles, which just takes way too much time, figure out how many crystals you want to drain, and then adjust the algorithm to drain that many crystals faster. You want us loosing 500 crystals to play ToM to the end? Then simply charge us 500 crystals up front as an entry fee, then have us win 30 total battles. You get your crystals, we get to play (with a more fair and fun matching) and you get more participation.

Fourth. If you’re trying to increase “time on device”, which I get makes a ton of business sense, then increase the frequency of donations and requests. Trust me, that’s your best “time on device” tool. It’s what turns a casual player into a habitual “gotta check the game” player. I frequently reach the max donation limit, and I’m always frustrated that I can only donate 10/minute. Let me donate 22/minute, or whatever my max-to-a-common rate is for my renown. And then let us all request and donate 5 times a day. You’ll also build better guilds that demand their own players check in more.

5th, make legendaries better. Not all of them, just most of them. More than half are worse than a lot of commons. It makes getting them really dissapointing. Or at least institute some kind of mechanic for selling or trading them in. As it is now, sometimes getting a legendary feels worse than getting a handful of commons.

Of course we want more PvE rooms, more variation in challenges, more monsters, etc., and I’m happy you’re working on that and releasing it. Thank you! But I think the above suggestions will bring your existing players, especially your mavens who can grow your game, very happy. Happy mavens means a growing game.

Finally, I invite you, a community developer or something, to come check out the discord. The link is public on reddit. You’ll see what motivates the most active players, how active guilds build up new players. We’re you’re best marketing tool. Use us. Make us happy, and we’ll be happy to grow your game and your revenue.


here some points to improve (sorry if they are already pointed out):

  • More explore mode. At a certain point you are stuck due to the character level
  • Better way to gain Xp: xp made by killing are worthless compare to the one increasing gears that are sooooo expansive
  • Better rewards for the real expansive events (an epic x2 gear for a a 11 pvp run doesn’t worth the coins)
  • Better ratio to improve legendary gear. For wx:from lvl1 to lvl 2 legenday weapons I need 2 pieces + lot of coin!!!
  • Better match between player on the pvp battle
    generally speaking to level a character takes too much in term of time, coins and luck