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Some incredible luck

As some of you know, I’ve recently just picked the game back up the game again, I’m not an incredibly high level, I have no hybrids and my only legendary is just the Stgymoloch from the Christmas event, so you can imagine my amazement when I got this after completing the white out challenge

Im only level 20 and so far, it seems as if I’m off to a good start


Wow, nice find! It’s always exciting to get your first tournament creature. But be careful hatching out really powerful dinos if the rest of your lineup isn’t there yet… Definitely don’t feed him once he hatches out, leave him at level 1 until you are able to fill in more at the same level, or you may find your PvE events might suddenly get really hard to do. @sionsith has done a number of posts exploring this issue, so read up on ferocity and use that information to your advantage as you progress in the game so that you can easily complete daily events.


Don’t worry, I experienced this the hard way with Stymyloch. I’m gonna leave this at base level and then when my team gets to that standard I will use it