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Some JW:TG tips

Share tactics for JW:TG in here to advise people for JW:TG fights! here’s a personal Tip I have:

Noob, pro,noob:
For example I have 3 Triceratops level 1. I put them all in together, remove the one in the middle, and put a good creature in it. The weak creatures Will be sacrificed for reserves, and your Good dinosaur will finish the rest off. It’s most useful in tournaments.

carnivore opinions

The two Indoraptors and Pachygalosaurus are the best. Pachygalo is an insane tank with great offense as well. Indoraptor’s stats speak for itself. Cerazinosaurus is up here too, his price is very good for his amazing stats. NGL Spinotasuchus and Dimetrocarnus might be up here since they don’t really draw from your main DNA source, and are pretty good themselves. Only drawback is that they’re more limited.

The Indominuses are great, classic combo of good price + great stats, however they are also the key towards the two best creatures in the game so there is certainly that.

Yudon is a bit pricey, but he is still good despite the unnecessary nerf. Erlipho is whatever, he’s a decent health tank. Priotrodon is still a good creature, for anyone that doesn’t have any tournament hybrids or superhybrids he might be good for you. LVL 20 Priotrodon is on par with lvl 40 Ankylodocus and is better than all land tournaments for reference. You could also just use this guide by Mary_Jo lol. It’s really good for finding specific statistics. Jurassic World: The Game Dinosaur Stats - Google Sheets

Glythronax and Allonogmius aren’t that good for their price, so you shouldn’t go for them unless you just like them or for collection.

Rajastega is whatever, he’s cheaper than Indominus at the price of being worse. I’d still go for Indominus though, the superhybrid potential makes him more worth it.

for VIPS they are technically all equal by ferocity, but I think Acro is the best. He has the most well-rounded stats. Tarbo is the worst cause he’s just a Concavenator behind a paywall.

that’s pretty much it for all the good carnivores.