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Some leaderboard statistics

Being able to check your rank no matter what your rank can allows us to atleast take a peek into the statistics of the game as far as pop goes.

At 4380 im currently sitting at 5k
My kids account at 2300 is currently sitting at 39k

For reference prior to last season ending 4500 was at 9k and 2300 was at 112k.

The seasons still young so ill update in a few days. We can atleast get an idea of how many are participating in this new season.


Did you save the stats from last time? It would be interesting to compare.

I have yet to enter Arena but should get the DBI daily mission any day now. I will post when I know my rank.

I didnt save the exact stats from last time i know the account at 2300 was ranked around 112k and the account at 4500 was ranked around 9.5k

My other kids hasnt played yet ended 3031 ranked 68999

Currently the one at 2300 is ranked 58343
My acount is at 4378 and ranked 7769

We all know Ludia likes metrics and Id hope their paying attention to this one because close to half of last seasons players havent even done a battle yet


I did my one battle for the season again just to get my trophys to show. This is on my no longer main accout. I then proceeded to drop a couple hundred trophys on my 2nd on purpose to get more even battles against less boosted teams as mine are not boosted. I went from 23xx, got below 2000 and sit at 2003 till I play the next day I need a dbi mission. I’m at 58471.

Hey. Create a dummy guest account and see what rank is 60 trophys. That will show how many are battling.


90 trophys is ranked at 175155

The acount at 2300 is ranked 66791

Which means there is currently more people between 2300 and 90… then there is between 2300 and the top of the leaderboard… wonder how many are alt accounts cause the 1 battle i did was not against a new player…

Funny note… einosuchus and sino still have their old school 10% stunning basic attacks that ludia removed from the game in the tutorial.

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3149 Trophies
Rank 40531

4993 trophies
2902 ranked

battling only for daily incubator. some battles against balanced players, some against lvl 28-30 trophy thieves (thank you ludia matchmaker). rarely against weaker players (range isn’t supposed to be up and down?).

Well if you look at your rank their is only 2902 players above you… their isnt enough people higher for them only to fight matches with themselves and some of those guys are spread out pretty far in trophies so your technically closer to those people them others… its Ludias solution to the pop issues currently… not a good one mind you… but its how its working right now.


I think there’s a lot of players that start playing and stop which is why your seeing more in between 90 and 2300 then 2300 to the top .

A lot of people start and then stop it’s just a fact on a lot of games but if reset it should remove them from the rankings . The numbers probably vary between resets then account for the low level double accounts used to feed donations and do friendly battles non stop.

Would like to see comparisons reset to reset. How it changes

Ps: I’m not all about doubles but players do it lol it’s a strategy I guess


So there is just above 175000 players that have battled at least once this season so this gives an idea of how many are battling but there are more who just don’t.

I only battled once on my first account and my wife only battled once to get her two accounts to show but she doesn’t play any more than just doing strike towers.

Yeah and there is close to 40k who were above 2300 that have yet to do a fight this season…

Thats not an insignificant number… especially when you look at galaxy data is showing a decent population drop. This is summer and should be peak time.

@Ludia_Developers how about my suggestion? sell the game to another company take care of? game idea is excellent, just bad implemented over the time.