Some Legendaries are ABSOLUTELY BROKEN

Yay! We got our legendary tournament after all! So now… YIKES!

Pick your poison:

Ankylodactylus with shield and priority impact that distracts and dodges
Tarbognathus, a flock that destroys tanks while healing… except one tank, the next on the list:
Fukuimimus… Dude, I don’t even have words about that one… Freaking thing is immortal

No, this ain’t a nerf thread, but a “please make things more balanced” thread! New Thyla is also very good, but not that OP. Now THAT’S balance. I mean, if we’re going to have this kind of “OPness” in the game, then Ludia, you REALLY need to rework older creatures, like you said you would… I’m looking forward to that. These new legendaries make the OG Uniques look like some baby Common creatures.


I agree… how bout instead of throwing us new dino after new dino EVERY stinking update, We show some love to the dinos we already have?

Such as tryko or dio? They used to own arena but now are bench warmers with all the new dinos out there. They need some resistances to be relevant again!


Perhaps we will see some balancing considering we haven’t gotten any this patch


When I look at my team for this skilled tournament, most of these are new creatures. It’s like op creatures only last for 2 or 3 updates, then they will be replaced with crazier ones. How can players keep up with the pace when you always have to go with the latest creatures? What’s the purpose of darting, FIPping, and all of these game activities that when you finish building a dino, it becomes obsolete?


Flocks are by far the worst right now - can’t group attack, because they’re still few and far between, and when you do, it’s lessened because most group attacks are impacted by dodge and distraction. Then when you finally get the darn things down to one, they regenerate :roll_eyes:


And there are so many flocks. One battle takes ages to finish.

Can confirm, Ankylodactylus is absurd. That being said, it is a mega hybrid, so I think its strength is somewhat justifiable, and it can die to resilients relatively easily (diploid is a huge issue, Ankylodic has been an issue , Ankylomoloch is pain, etc.), but it definitely needs at least a little bit of toning down on either the health or the armor considering how many ways it has to effectively buff those (evasive cunning impact being one of those).

Edit: I unfortunately don’t have Farbros (Fukuimmus) since I don’t live in Europe, and despite my many tourney battles, I still haven’t drawn Tarbognathus. That being said, 1500 attack with a 30% crit chance on a priority evasive strike is… problematic.


The healing armor breaking move is even more problematic… That thing beats tanks while keeping its health full… But Fukui can be even worse…


Not so long ago Mammotherium was MVP in most teams. Now it’s like an expendable sidekick compared to these beasts


I remember the good ol’ days when I considered this thing op. It was around the time monolometrodon came to the spotlight as too good if I recall correctly.


Yeah, I’m done with this tournament, at least competitively… Just gonna do some battles here and there to keep myself where I am and help with missions…

Fukuimimus is yet another example of how they do not freaking play with their own creatures before releasing them! Or if they do, they don’t do it right.


I counter tarbognathus with carnotarkus twice ya know?
Group decelerating, instant distraction superiority strike, carnotarkus will be almost dead but it will have instant distraction back


Tarbog and Ankylodacty are OP but can be countered. Although in most cases the opponent will probably swap out… But Fukui… I haven’t been able to counter it, or even heard of a way to properly do it from anyone… Only thing we can do is weaken it and “rat it” before it heals.

me too i can only kill it with thylaconyx

Yeah, Farbros is just absurd in its moves. It’s got a group move to whack flocks, distraction immunity, literally the best healing move in the entire game, a second healing move, ferocity stuffs, and a cleansing move to get rid of whatever rebuffs you have put on it.

Now if only the other continental legendaries could compete. Rinchicyon I’m actually fine with. It’s not as strong as Farbros, but it’s got a pretty fun playstyle, which i like. As for Glyptoceras though… that thing needs some heavy buffs to be able to compete with its fellows, seriously. Mainly because its components just aren’t that great for it.

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With Fukui they tried to make a creature that wrecks flocks and ended up making a creature that wrecks everything

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Flocks need a bit of a nerf because of the new alloraptor hybrid and tarbo flock

I can completely understand the frustration regarding Fuku.
Legendary tournaments were always dominated by flocks. Thats probably the reason they introduced Fuku. But now we have another creature with almost no counters… Eventough there definitely are counters to it.

But i would definitely say that Fuku does not deserve a nerf as he is really not good in the arena. I guess thats the reason we now have restrictions for specific creatures in tournaments. There are already creatures which are banned from almost all epic tournaments

What are its best counters though?I’m assuming stuff like Diploid or Ankylomoloch go on that list, but they have some pretty hefty counterplea of their own.

It doesn’t have a counter, so it definitely needs a nerf. Everyone can have one in the skilled, so it’s a fair battlefield. However, in advanced, we as non-Europeans can only give up the battles seeing a high-level Fukui in the next Tourney.