Some March statistics

At the beginning of March I started to record all creatures I have won or bought and hybrids that I evolved. The result is maybe interesting for one or another.

In summary I got 202 new inhabitants in my park in March:

  • 180 Jurassics, 89.11%
  • 9 Cenezoics, 4.46%
  • 13 Aquatics, 6.44%

By type:

  • 58 common, this is not representative because of a special 10mio coins offer for commons
  • 51 rare
  • 34 super rare
  • 59 legendary

Amongst the Jurassic creatures there were

  • 55 carnivores
  • 66 herbivores, again not representative because of the special offer in the middle of the month
  • 23 pterosaurs
  • 36 amphibians

I assume that in normal months carnivores are going to be almost 35% to 40% of all new creatures…is anybody surprised?

All these creatures were spread among 86 different species, record holders are Guanlong with 12 and Pachycephalosaurs with 11 copies.