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Some math for Ludia

So recently, players have been only gaining 20 trophies per win, and losing 40 trophies per loss. 40 is 2 times more than 40. This means that even if you win 2/3s of the time, your net gain is ZERO trophies. You win 2, and lose 1, and you haven’t gained any trophies.

Now, since your matchmaking is broken, losses are far more common than wins. So now everyone is stuck in a permanent drop in trophies due to losing x2 more than they win. How is this in ANY universe fair? WHY is this not priority one for fixing? WHY can’t we just have a bugless, flawless update rollout? It wasn’t always like this…


yup,since 1.7,nothing have been fix against the worst mess set up in this game:the boosts and the matchmaking.
Even with arena dropper,it was WAY LESS worst than now
And since boost have appear (mainly speed boost),the main aspect of the game is completly gone.
And thats why this game won’t be ratted over 3

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Welcome to the club. 20/40 sucks but it is much MUCH better than the 10/50 curse we used to have.


It seems that not everyone is seeing the 20/40 thing. It’s horrible for those of us dealing with it though. I went 5-3 today and netted 7 trophies - averaged about 23 trophies in wins and lost about 36 in losses. It’s been like this since 1.9. I get that trophies and arenas are arbitrary markers, but those are the only things that the game gives us to get a clear sense of progression. (The campaign mode could have done this but falls short.) The player base deserves better.