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Some mistakes?

Hi ! I really love this app so far, however wanted to share some possible mistakes/ to fix !

Where it says [PLAYER] I assume that should be my user name!

And also:

I figured where Min-Jae Lee says “Sing your heart out” I think that was supposed to be a chat from my character.

Anyway I will upload anything else if I come across it ! Thanks for this game !

Thank you for reporting this, @mildimpala! I’ll make sure to let the team know about this. :slight_smile:


Thanks so much ! I am back again with some more minor text errors,

i think is supposed to show an emoji? And,

When my character texts “There could an us.” I think should be “There could be an us.”

Anyway thanks again and I’ll report back if i find anything else !!

I have forwarded this to the team! We appreciate your diligence in reporting these errors, @mildimpala. :slight_smile:


Hi! I’m back again with a few mistakes!

I believe Seth’s name is missing here as its just says [ 's apartment ]

Here between my character saying “too many options” and “are you any good at it?” I think Daniel was supposed to tell me what his career would have been if he wasn’t a doctor ?

Thanks for passing on my feedback !!

I will let the team know about this, mildimpala. Thank you! :slight_smile:


hi, thanks so much for always passing along my messages, i appreciate it !

this one is from a few weeks ago that i forgot to report, but it seems like even though hugo brought up the relationship change, the choices from our conversation we were having popped up in front of the relationship change dialogue option! it was a bit difficult to select the hidden option but i eventually got it and the convo continued :sweat_smile:

i got this one today, it seems like it just says “CHARACTER” instead of “Adam”

thanks again for all your hard work !!!

Thanks, @mildimpala. I’ll pass this along. :slight_smile:

I found this on after being on a date, where my reply was set as if she said it.