Some more suggestions to the game

I have a few ideas to add and hope these features would appear in the game soon
Firstly, if you’ve read the game notice you would know one of the new feature was added after the update which is the Builder Improvement. When I first saw this I was so surprised and happy to see this feature as my level goes up my park gets bigger and bigger and becoming harder to manage and I even sell all my buildings to save space. However, after I’ve tried the feature, its just allowing us to move multiple buildings. It is better than before, but definitely isnt what I’ve expected. I would really suggest the game to allow us to manage the park in a form similar to Clash of Clans, where we can clear the park and put the buildings one by one, or even allow us to save a few different layouts.
Second thing is I hope we can have a friend feature in the game just like in Jurassic World Alive. Which we can battle each other and also makes the game much more fun.
Ive actually got a lot of ideas for the game, like Clans where we can trade, smaller scale tournaments, etc. But I ain’t got time, so I’ll just suggest these feature for now, hope Ludia would consider these features.