Some motivational talk for newcomers of arena 8


Hey there everyone. If you just recently reached arena 8, read this (if you are not in arena 8 or way above it you can read too of course but this is mainly targetting 3800-4100 trophy players

So i noticed that there are some people on the forum that is like “omg your dinos are so low level you cant stay in arena 8 without a team of 20 level +dinos blah blah blah” do not let that demoralise you. Here is my current team

there is only 1 level 20 dino and i even play a level 16 dino as well. But you know what. I have been climbing to the middle of arena 8 and i still am climbing as i switched stegoceratops with alankyla. I remember beating a team of all level 21+dinos team with this team that includes a 24 stegodeus and a level 21 indoraptor i didnt luck out some crits either. Im not saying its easy but it isnt impossible. If you know what to play,when to play and how to play, 3 or 4 level difference doesnt make that much. Dont get these people get to you and demoralise you. The last week of tournament 1, i had a team which is 1 or 2 level lower than this and a guy (i wont give his name) just told me in my other post that there is no way i got over 4000 for the prize (i was at 3700 ish at that time) then i played and i finished the tournament at 4024 only to rise to 4130 when the tournament ended. Then i fell to 3900 ish and now i am sitting at 4300.

So just play the game, enjoy the game and dont let anyone make you believe you have no chance because your dinos are low level


Says the guy with a full team of legendaries…


i havent said anything about good/bad dinos. also you dont need all legendaries either. if you dont have tryostronix, gorgosuchus would do just fine or even postimetrodon. i am talking about levels. you dont need to overlevel a dino for it to be good unless you are trying with rares and commons. thats my point


Yes… You need legendary Dinos to be in arena 8… Why is that so Hard to accept. My team is similar as is my trophie count.


yes thats true. you can get to arena 8 with level 17 18 dinos but i dont think you can do it without legendaries. i mean a stegod and an i.rex is a must


Thanks for the peptalk, but your team IS pretty much level 20’s.


when i made it to arena 8 my team was like : level 18 stegod, 17 veloci indo and stegocera, 16 monostego, tragodistis gorgosuchus,level 15 postimetrodon


How motivation turned upside down…


A team like this barely makes it to top500, but it’s not the case when your wallet got your back. Try figuring out what Ludia wants, and make the right investment.


You lost all credibility once you revealed you have a team of almost level 20 legendaries


“I don’t want to say legendaries but legendaries.”

All I read.


Good going @Tsuki.

Should I spend 70K coins on level 23 Stegodeus? then I will use all my coins :frowning:


Yes you should.


winning with 7hp left makes a difference. most of the time though when ppl say to level up your dinos its because they dont have any legendaries yet.


so I spend 70K for level 23 stegodeus? You also agree with Heather?


Never hesitate to level your Stegodeus. Level it as many times as possible without even worrying. It’s worth it. Mine’s a 27 and would be higher if I didn’t have a Stegoceratops on my team too.


It is not all related to legendaries, but to the right dinos who can counter the opponents. I don’t see a Barionice in the wild since July and I don’t want to overlevel my postimetrodonte, saving her dna for the day I will need to use it to create Trystronix. So I am stuck at 3.7xx cause my only two immune dinos are Indominus and Posti. Maybe a lev 20 posti would help me go to the next arena but I am fine like this as I always fill my 4 slots incub. If you have the right dinos, they don’t need to be overlevelled. If you have the surrogate of the right dino, of course you need to invest more dna and coins to bring their stats as an acceptable level to defeat the opponents.


I just leveled my Postimetrodon to 27 a few hours ago. It’ll beat Tryostronix in 2 hits because it’s faster. I don’t find enough Baryonyx to keep leveling Tryo, but I’d probably still go with Posti even if I did. Tryo is good but the lack of Baryonyx will keep mine at a lower level forever.


Is posti a good dino? I always beat it because of its lack of offense but i struggle to get 4k because i can never find sinoceratops and anky in the wild which is frustrating and so i cant advamce properly


I love using it as a starter because people usually start the match with something heavy that has attacks with negative effects, so I’m immune to it all and usually faster. I can take down a Stegodeus that’s the same level as my Postimetrodon.