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Some nerfs that should probably happen

So with my experience in 2.0 thus far I believe that 2 dinos have emerged as pretty difficult to counter:
Ardentismaxima- unless you have a bleeder it’s hard to counter. Plus it can always just swap out, so combining bleeders and pinners won’t really work. It technically can be distracted but let’s be honest… it has 2 rampages and a 30% Crit. Lots of dinos hit it once and then die. It needs more counters in my opinion.
Trykosaurus- I love this toolkit except for resilient counter. A little broken when combined with resilient impact. The double-slowing and anti-dodge aspects makes it pretty hard to avoid a full on dsr from Tryko. I know this is a lot of people’s favorite dino and I see why, I love using him too, but I think his counter attack needs to either go back to just a plain medium counter attack, or maybe not slow, since that’s what resilient impact is for.


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A bleeder buff could handle Tryko, combined with a buff to the chompers. The bleeder buff would allow them to draw against Maxima, but that isn’t enough, so a damage nerf is probably in order, to the point where fierce creatures beat it.


spinotah is a decent counter for both of them

No, it loses to both. If it had Maiming Wound and Decel Immunity then it might work.

so maybe thy

Thy does well. That is what I am using.

Can’t lie, if I get Maxima and Thy in the same pull…probably gonna win.

Hasn’t Tryko been one of the most balanced creatures since the beginning? I mean, I’ve done like one arena battle since the update, only so I could update my trophy count and not potentially get kicked, and I didn’t draw my own Tryko, so I don’t really know how potentially “broken” it is. But I’ve never seen many people calling for a nerf to her. Unless it happens to be the one creature that nobody cares is overpowered, but on these forums, I doubt it.

welp, its not balanced anymore with decel counter.

The problem is mostly it can now deal with two thing that used to keep it in check, distraction and being slower. I honestly think maximas the bigger priority plus tryko is a 3 epic hybrid so I think it kinda deserves the power but I think resilient counter should just be changed to decel


Its just that it’s had a drastic change (mostly a reduction) in counters. Using Distraction is no longer a viable option against it, which is probably why so many are calling for a nerf.

I think it might be possible to keep it the same as it is now without upsetting balance, but it would require a buff to Fierce creatures and bleeders.


I can get behind a move change. However, I somehow doubt a simple change in moves is even possible anymore… If Ludia really is listening to the people on these forums, I’m honestly a bit afraid that if this game dies an early death, it’ll no longer be their fault…

I think the key would be to make Vulnerability and Decel Immunity more widespread among bleeders (except Thylacotator) and then make it so that Vulnerability increases the amount of damage taken from DoT.

That way the other bleeders don’t need Rending Takedown to wreck tanks like Maxima.

Also make sure that the tanks are vulnerable to vulnerable.


Another way could be increase the cooldown on the impact that way it can be weak for one turn

That would probably hit some of the other tanks too hard. What else has Resilient Impact? Edmontoguanodon I think. Maybe Edmontosaurus too. They need it with a 1-turn cooldown.


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what about precise impact instead of resilient for tryko? Becomes weaker to distraction, but can still hit through evasion. and has its counter for slowing.


Maybe just the counter for evasion removal then?

That way it can’t still deal with the indos but gives others a chance still to attack it?

I suppose that would work. Maybe it could get it’s old attack stat back then.