Some New Amphibian Superhybrids

So me and @SomeRandomDino were talking about having new amphibian superhybrids, and decided to draw them. The first one is a mix of Ostaposaurus and Dilophosaurus SDna.
This was made by SomeRandomDino. The stats are 10,805 Health and 5,447 Attack. Glass Cannon Amphibian.

The next one is Koolasaurus and Irritator SDna:

Tanky amphibian similar to Gorgo, but it does trade a little health for more attack.


He’s @SomeRandomDino on the Forum… :eyes:


Didnt know. Will edit


These are great ideas!

my metriaphodon can one shot the ostaposaurus superhybrid at lvl 40 so you can add it because it is causing no problem for me but for my carnivores it is a big problem and nice ideas you got there


Thanks a lot my friend for posting this :two_hearts:
Hopefully our ideas will be implemented


Its Ludia. This is a pipe dream at best. But there’s a chance

Best idea yet.

My 2 cents are that it can’t really be a total glass cannon with dilo SDNA. I’d rather have it at ~5,000 attack and 10,000 health, because it needs to tank some hits since Gorgo would finally be put out of its misery.

Having 6567 attack puts it below one shot range (9850) of Indo L40, which IMO is pointless if we want to kill the reign of the carnivore meta. Thus I think she should still be able to take some hits and would trade that excess attack for a more suitable health pool.

This also keeps it within 3-shot range of Patchygalo and Indo Gen 2, without having excess attack.

As for Koola S-Hybrid, I’d say she deserves to be the new tank with far more HP, just bomb her attack below Gorgo to cement her as a solid pic over her.


Ok. We mostly though of how JWTG kinda lacks high tier glass cannons, so that was what we based the idea off of. But with 10k hp and 5k attack, it would not only be above Indo in Ferocity (I think) it also would, like stated, survive Indo Level 40, though it would survive with 6k attack and health due to Class disadvantage on Indoraptor, just it would be way worse off.

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It would be at 26,000 ferocity, or just below Indo Gen 1.

Which is why I’d advocate for 10k health. It could survive at 6k health, but at a far worse rate.

By that I mean it could survive 2 single-hit attacks from Indo, or just 1 double-hit attack if at 6500 HP.

At 10K, it could survive 3 single-hit attacks (or 4 single-hits if over 10,604 HP), or a double-hit combined with a single hit. All while still having the same kill potential as 6k health + attack.

So a Glass cannon doesn’t just qualify from having near-equal attack and health, but being relatively fragile with high attack. Thus I consider Indo to be a glass cannon. Cases like Metriaphodon are just the extreme examples of what a Glass Cannon could be.

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I’ve considered glass cannons to usually have a 2:1 health ratio or below. I do agree with the stat changes, those are definitely better. Also I’m not at the level to where I see or use indoraptor, so I wouldn’t know the damage of those attacks. However, that is interesting that it would survive that many attacks.

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Yea, im just going off that same 2:1 rule, and my calculations are at the L40s since that’s provided on the Dino Data Spreadsheet.

I am at a L1 Indo lineup, and it’s ~3400 HP, ~1700 attack, so a 2-hit without class advantage is ~4200 damage.

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Ok. Will edit in the stats in a might (I use an RNG)

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Ok. How do those look?

Are we all dreaming again guys? :joy:

In all seriousness I love these ideas.


First of all, I’m really really glad you liked this idea. Me and my homie cheese were getting really creative late at night :joy:

I get where you’re coming from, and completely agree with the point you made on the stat changes, but I think that ludia would NEVER make any dino stronger than indo or have a noticable advantage against it ( especially an amphibian ). I wish this idea would become reality, but it probably won’t :frowning:

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Indo got beat by blue, it’s way overpowered for what it is, I’d be happy to see a bunch of newly added creatures stomp them that’s for sure, maybe the new giga will be stronger who knows…

It’s just funny how its weak in alive but it’s the strongest thing in the game, at least can we get a mix of other classes just as powerful please ludia…

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Ludia :


Me too. By that I meant that Ostapo S-Hybrid would be weaker than Indo.

Indo Gen 2 Ferocity is 28,090
Indo Ferocity is 27,147
Then my suggested stats would be at ~26,000 ferocity.