Some New Amphibian Superhybrids

Limnocaulus = Limnorynchus + diplocaulus s dna (diplocaulus with Limnorynchus jaw)

Nundagotops = nundagosaurus +nasutoceratops s dna

Ostapodon = ostaposaurus + pteranodon s dna

Koolarythosaurus = koolasaurus + corythosaurus s dna

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One word yes

It would be nice if there was an ostaposaurus hybrid with dilopho s dna. I would give it 6014 hp and 5998 attack

It would technically be weaker stats wise, but when you factor in the increase in attack due to the type advantage, the ostapo hybrid becomes much stronger than indo.

Ludia ( obviously ) wouldn’t want that.

how about 6135 at and 6850 hp for the ostapo hybrid?

Weve discussed the 6k Hp and Damage before, but if you look at the stats we have currently, itll deal with Indoraptor far better due to the much larger health pool.

That attack will be just overkill as ostaposaurusbae mentioned before. Any attack in excess of 5002 for an amphibian is just over kill . I think i would rather go indoraptor route for an amphibian glass canon. 9-10k hp with 5k+ attack. If it was supercell they’d have given it 5001 attack just so that it can’t 2 shot pachygalo.

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well, At least he has 26k of ferocity as they had suggested …

how about 4135 at and 13450 hp
Total ferocity was 26682

I think 10 and 5 is better for next amphibian cause we need glass canon. After we get a glass cannon a balanced amphibian will be nice.

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