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Some new cenozoics I thought would be cool

Indricotherium (epic)
Health: 4600
Damage: 1300
Speed: 110
Armor: 15%
Crit chance: 20%
-Speedup strike (increase speed by 20%)
-Lockdown impact
-Evict (deal 1.5x damage. Force enemy to swap out. Dino that swaps in pinned for 2 turns. If dino has pin effect they take 2.5x damage again and pin effect is removed)
Swap-in Defense
Foresight (swap-in abilities are negated)
Giraffes irl are very tall and use that to their advantage by running away from predators they see so I thought that would be how to implement that.

Meiolania (rare)
Health: 3700
Damage: 1300
Speed: 105
Armor: 50%
Crit chance: 5%
-Superior vulnerability
-Dig in

Kubanochoerus (epic)
Damage: 1050
Speed: 123
Armor: 10%
Crit chance: 5%
-Defense-shattering strike
-Mutual fury
-Definite rampage
Immune to stun
Swap-in heal

Cave lion (common)
Health: 4400
Damage: 1100
Speed: 116
Armor: 0%
Crit chance: 40%
-Rending takedown
Minimal counter
Swap-in Definite strike
Immune to deacceleration
Since prowl has no cooldown it’s a basic move which can be used infinitely, like nullifying strike or defensive stance.


these are cool