Some new content

Would be nice for players that have maxed out their characters. I haven’t purchased anything outside of VIP and completed all adventures and renown 5 months ago.

When new content does arrive, will we receive credit for the lvls we have advanced characters since maxing renown? Those lvls are the longest to max, so to not recieve credit, it would be unfair and suck.

Lastly, what’s up with selling 1/5 of a Legendary item for 40k, aside from the obvious.

Obvious being, use gold, spend gems to buy gold, spend real money to buy gems.

Either way 1/5 is ridiculous, I’d need likely 4 lvls on most legendaries to out power some of the maxed out common items.
So offer better percentages or make the Legendary
more enticing to go after.


Yes, please! Definitevely