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Some new dragons that could be added

There’s Krogan’s Singetail coming up for the seasonal market.

There are several villain dragons that we don’t have however and I would like to see.

  • Krogan’s Rumblehorn
  • Drago’s Rumblehorn
  • Bonesnarl (Drago’s Snafflefang)
  • The Great Protector (maybe as a legendary?)
  • The New Protector
  • Minden’s Razorwhip
  • Nadia’s Razorwhip
  • Mr. Murderous Pile of Yak Dung’s Singetail

Also give Savage & Lars #2 a dragon!


We also want One Eye, the Deathgripper to the game.


Ummmm, Bonesnarl is not a snafflefang, its a thunderclaw. and yes it will be awesome if The great protector become legendary, but I still can’t get used to the fact that the is a gigantic version and a regular version of the same dragon like with the submarriper. It just feel weird to have regular and legendary.

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