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Some new event ideas

I think it’s time that ludia should add somw new events

Survival of the strongest :
Request - legendary creatures only
4 rounds
Reward - solid gold pack
Unlock cost 250 dino bucks
Vip rewards - Solid gold plus pack
Free for vips

Clash of legends :
Playable at level 70
5 rounds
Request - legendary creatures only
Reward - vip creature pack
Vip reward - vip twins pack
Unlock cost 500 dino bucks
Free for vips

Legendary rumble :
Request - legendaries only
4 rounds
Reward - limited edition pack

Rising ferocity :
Request - hybrids only
5 rounds
Reward - s dna

Clash of legends is basically the experienced version of clash of titans. My two new vip pack events can be played by non vip players as well. Rising ferocity is basically like the current weekly dna event we have but with the difference that you can only use hybrids

Edit : after you unlocked the vip events they costs coins like normal events. But they still should be not so easy to get since they’re still contain vip stuff

Ludia doesn’t give VIPs away as if they were coins


Yes but one day there will be events where we can win vip packs

What do u mean by unlock cost?

Similar like in gyrospheres

I agree regular events with the Base Creatures rewards are after a point not very useful but I also agree with @Therizino2.0 that VIPs should not be so easy to get.

VIP Pack Tournaments would be cool once a while, something like Solid Gold for non-VIPs and SG+ for VIPs. But if they are regular weekly events, VIP creatures would be very easy to obtain it would make the Game boring.

Don’t get me wrong, I like the idea of having better ways to get VIP creatures but making them so easy to get will just ruin the fun of the Game.

They’re not weekly. They’re would still only be at the end of the month like in clash of titans. However only clash of legends would also take to complete events like cot

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They should less via events for when u unlock dinosaurs

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What about other mod battles, like Reef rebuttal, Surface sneak attack, Caves ,Savhanna slamm, Snows, Caverns

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We would need more savanah creatures then