Some New Hybrid Ideas


Stats based on Metahub’s Dinodex base stats, I believe at lvl 26

Carnocolagreus (Carnotaurus +Tanycolagreus, Tany model): HP 3700, Armour 0%, Damage 1100, Speed 120, Critical 5%. Moves: Nullifying Strike, Armour Piercing Impact, Short Defence, Cleansing Impact. Counter Attack x1 damage.

Argentocheirus (Argentinosaurus + Deinocheirus, sauropod model): HP 5000, Armour 0%, Damage 1000, Speed: 104, Critical 40%. Moves: Minimal Speedup Strike, Pinning Strike, Rampage, Decelerating Impact.

Wuerhosuchus (Wuerhosaurus + Koolasuchus, amphibian model): HP 4500, Armour 15%, Damage 1200, Speed 122, Critical 5%. Moves: Superiority Strike, Nullifying Impact, Distracting Impact, Instant Cripple.


You know I feel the next update when they introduce flying reptiles, they might try to connect them with the rare dinos into making hybrids.


Great just what we need!! Flying tanks!!


Plenty of Propellerausaurus ?


Poop bombers incoming!!!