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Some non-hybrid suggestions to fill animation niches

I will stop a bit with my Venom mechanic, and do the last post later, so, here we go.

A long ago, i noticed that there aren´t creature covering some animation niches, well, i think i´m not explaining myself enough, so, for example: There is a Epic (Actually two, but just one if counting only non-hybrids, which is in what i will focus, later i will do a post for hybrids) and a Rare creature with the snake animations, but there isn´t a common one, same with cat animations smilodon animations , and etc…

Niches i will fill right now, so far i have done:

-The saber-toothed marsupial Thylacosmilus, as the common with Smilodon animations:

-Gigantophis, the so-requested-cenozoic (as far as i have seen), as the Common with snake animations:

-Citipati, as the Common with Oviraptor animations:

-Prionosuchus, as the rare non-GEN2 amphibian (i know someone who would love it :wink:):

-Gomphotherium, as the common elephant (whose damage i forgor :skull: to nerf to 900):

-Panochthus, as the epic armadillo:

-Daeodon, as the epic pig:

-Lycaenops, as the epic gorgonopsid:

-Megatherium, as the epic sloth Kinda a megalonyx copy, but better mutipliers and resistances, and has not a 2 turn CD rampage :troll: :

and finally

-Dacentrurus, as the epic tanky stegosaurid:

What are your thoughts on them? i am open to recieve any constructive feedback :+1: , thanks for reading!


there cool but i think there missing their pictures…


nah mate, i usually don´t put pics of the creatures in my creations, i´m used to do that

thanks for the feedback :+1:

I like these but I think gigantopithicus should be possibly be part fierce.
My other issue is that prinosuchus (while being an amphibian) looks a lot like a crocodile so I think it would have the crocodile model. My moveset for it would be a mix of croc animation moves and amphibian model moves.


Gigantopithecus? you mean gigantophis? also, as Priono is a amphibian i will just make it like the in-game non-hybrid amphibians, looks like a croc? yep, is it really a croc? no, so no, just like koola, or diplocaulus.

thanks for the feedback :+1:

I thought gigantophis said gigantophiticus lol my bad



also np, but nah, just resilient, imma make a hybrid for all these creatures, so who knows?

I think it would be cool to include giga

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I think lycaneops is kinda too small to fit in the gorgonopsid animation. He could work as it’s own family with other proto mamals like cynognathus, thrinaxodon and repenomamus

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Giga is coming in the next movie so we will get giga eventually no matter what

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As the most probable option, it would get the rex animations, and we already have a creature of literally each rarity with those animations, that’s why i didn’t created it for this post.

Thanks for the feedback :ok_hand:

Remember, in JW and JP we have oversized animals, like the raptors, so the size isn’t a barrier really.

Thanks for the feedback :+1:

Happy birthday @BlackDoggy

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Yep but there is the opportunity that he could become a new rig. Perhaps giganotosaurus doesn’t have the t rex animation at all. Pachycephalosaurus also has a different animation from stiggymoloch

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I don’t discard the option of it getting a new rig, but i won’t assume it will either, just looking at giga in JWTG acro in JWA, that’s what tells me it will just get the rex rig

Thank you dude


Is it your irl bday? Or your forums’ bday? In that case i forgor :skull: to say Happy bday to you

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btw i might be inactive a little bit cuz i am going to be with friends