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Some numbers after maintenance

Before maintenance I had:
1032 boosts spread on my dinos (not only on my team)
115 boosts that I didn’t use
About 4600 hard cash left.

1170 boosts used only on my team
238 boosts left
8100 hard cash

And I didn’t spend any cent

That’s how Ludia fixes overboosted meta and disbalanced arena.



This new meta will be insane.

No logic at all.

Everyone is happy now

”oh free money! Oh free boosts”

But everyone will play with same 10 dinos,

Who will ever boost anything else?

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Me maybe… I like having a uniform collection (I stop levelling my creatures at level 20), and the reset will allow me to think more carefully about how to use my boosts to improve my creatures evenly, and which part of my collection I want to improve that way…

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But you did use banked hard cash to purchase extra boosts before the rollback, correct?

If not those numbers do feel off.


No I didn’t. One couldn’t buy any boost for about a week.

I just calculated what happened.

  1. Ludia refunded much more than we had spent
  2. They gave a big pack of boosts for free
  3. They gave even more boosts available to buy in store.

Fixing overboosted meta they gave even more boosts to everyone.

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Now I’m facing dinos with insane attack and health. What happened to all balancing thing?


Ludia has destroyed something that was already broken.


They refunded you hardcash for all boosts regardless of how they were earned… ie store bought, daily inc, strike towers…

Then they gave you all the daily and strike tower boosts back as well.

So for everyone that did every daily inc and the one strike tower… it was 5k hardcash and you got the boosts back as well.

Then on top of that they refunded you for all boosts purchased.


It’s a good reminder 20 days of free boost is worth 5K of hard cash. Those people who don’t do them are missing out.

Yeah, I calculated. But that’s so crazy.

Correct, they made everyone whole again and gave everyone the same amount of FREE boosts on top of that. It was a win for users. If you were not made whole or feel something is wrong, open a support ticket so they can look into it.

Plus, they gave everyone who complained that some people got to purchase more boosts than others, all the same chance to purchase just as many. No one has more boosts than someone else, for now.

Some users do have three daily incubators more. If they thought ahead and saved them up they would have up to 12 more of each. But we all had that same opportunity to do so, so it is not an unfair advantage.

The only users complaining now are the ones who do not like boosts or the change in meta. They have the choice of purchasing boosts to keep up or not purchase or use boosts and fall in trophies. Simple as that.

I do not care for the change but it is what it is. I choose to just fall in trophies and see where I end up. Yes, I feel I lost a lot of the past year’s effort I put into the game. I still have the chance to be just as competitive, but I will have to pay for it. I just choose not to do so. I can still play exactly how I did before boosts, but at a lower trophy level. I can use all my same Dino, hunt just as much, do strike towers, everything the same.


I dont think anyone is arguing that PvE is messed up. PvE seems to be fine. Still a lot of fun and they have added a bunch of great features over time that make it even better.

I wont bother arguing about PvP anymore, there is nothing anyone can say to me that will make me think that 1.7 is anything but a complete fail, and that the overall state of the game and community was much better in 1.6.

I will give credit for at least trying to fix the speed tiers on the last attempt though, that did help a tiny fraction.


So lets ask a few legitimate questions…
Were people complaining pre 1.7 about a stale arena experience?
Were People always complaining they faced the same dinos, same moves every game?
Did Ludia give you a way to potentially make any Dino you want relevant?
Did Ludia give us a fresh and different arena experience?
Will there ever come a time when people are completely happy?
Does the requirements to make some happy make others mad?


For me… i perfer the arena the way it currently is… yes it can be frustrating when when you get that one dino someone spent all their boosts on. Yes, i would have perfered boost progression not be super charged in the shop.

But, if they would have removed boosts I was considering leaving the game. I know we will eventually hit a spot prior to 1.7 where everyone is playing the same dino and all tiers are even… but thats a ways off and for now i enjoy not knowing what Im going up against. Sure it might just be another erlidom but is it boosted… how did they allocate the boosts on it. Matchups that played out the same time are now much different depending on boosts and it atleast adds a sense of variety.

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