Some of next weeks featured creatures


I take it something important happens as they only announced a few days of events on twitter.

Thursday 1.4 maybe we get to catch new flappy dragon things. Pterosaurs that’s the name. Get loads or Irritator on Wednesday.


Dimetrodon G2 and Irritator is my goals from the picture…


I’ll be using all my shots on irritator I never see them in the wild and need it for fusing


This is weird indeed…i’m curious what we will get during the weekend…


I’m glad about Irritator as i’m very close to fusing Pyrritator now, but they are just repeating the same dinos as previous ones.

But yeah maybe 1.4 is coming Thursday.


yeah ill take some more irritator and hopefully the epic will be something special

This week coming dinos

I’m surprised. I was expecting to get a pterosaur or two.


18 attempts on Irritator within 24 hours… hmm something tells me I won’t find 18 in that time. Hopefully I can at least get it to lvl 15 with a few extra for a couple of fuses at least.