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Some of the forgotten JWA attacks

There’s a few moves in the game that either nothing has ever had, or used to be on some dinos, but no longer is. Here are some of them:

Impairing Strike: x1 damage, no critical hit chance for 3 turns

Maiming Wound: .4x DOT for 2 turns

Wounding Strike/Impact/Rampage: 1/1.5/2x damage, 0.15x DOT for 2 turns

Expose Weak Spot: X1 damage, vuln for 3 turns.

Delayed Rampage: x2 damage, 1 delay (why?)

Also a few honorable mentions to obscure moves that only a few select dinos have:

Shield Advantage: X1 damage, break target shield, gain shield for 1 turn. Signature move of Diplodocus.

Exploit Wound: DOT .2x for 2 turns, vuln for 2 turns. Signature move of Spinosaurus.

Lockdown Impact: 1.5x damage, pin for 2 turns. Signature move of Purrusaurus and Purrusaurus G2

Long Decelerating Strike: x1 damage, target slowed for 2 turns. Signature move of Nasutoceratops.

Instant Pinning Strike: Priority, x1 damage, target pinned for 2 turns. Signature move of Dimodactylus.

Swap-In Headbutt: bypass armor, 0.5x damage, 66% chance of stun.

Do you guys think any of these deserve more attention or be on any dinos? If so, which ones?


Bring back Impairing strike so we can fight those pesky overboosted thors! And it should have rampage versions too. I say give Erlidom impairing rampage, as well as the erliks and deinocheirus.


I’ve never seen these moves, and I think they should be on dinos

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Don’t forget swap in defense shattering rampage. And I would like to see swap in rampage on this list next update

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Don’t forget this gem of a kit


Or this


sorry, but even if swap in rampage get 100% deleted from the game in the next patch/update, i don’t think it will be forgotten until atleast a year or 2…


i don’t really remember cleansing double graze, nor do i think i renember low wounding strike (although i do believe sarcosuchus had something similar like 2 or 3 patches ago named minimal wounding strike, wich when thinking about it, is probably just a renamed version of low wounding strike, as it too dealt x1 damage and had like 0.2 or so DoT for 2 turns)…

but i do remember back in the good old days when adrenaline surge increased damage to 1.25x… wonder why removed the damage increase :face_with_monocle::thinking::roll_eyes::unamused:

Swap in Prowl


Yup, and Long Dodge too. They specifically mentioned it in the last patch notes, so it might well be coming.
Nullifying counter is also a thing.


Hmm interesting indo should get swap-in in evasions but nerf to like 2 turns.


Ludia bring back adrenaline surge! The way better version of adrenaline pulse.


If I’m not mistaken, I don’t think any dinosaur has long dodge.
Also know what I miss? Minimal Stunning Strike. I liked it, it was nice. I also remember these leaked moves that never got in on metahub:

Wounding Rampage
Earthquake Slam
Go For The Kill
Exhausting Acid Spit
Juggernauts Frenzy
Hit Stun And Run
Tiring Chomp
Tail Spin
Precise Acid

What on earth was all this exhaustion stuff? And “scrub”


Whaaat were all of those datamined? Wow they look lit

Tyrannosaurus: Expose Weak Spot (Defense Shattering Strike)
Spinosaurus: Wounding Impact (Gashing Wound)
Dilophosaurus: Precise Acid (Nullifying Impact)

What did that attack on the right do?

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